Friday, September 29

The positions that IU will have in the Sumar lists for 23J

IU has achieved in its agreement with Sumar, advanced by the party’s federal coordinator, Alberto Garzón, through his Twitter profile, the following positions on the lists for 23J: number one for Córdoba and Málaga, number two for Seville , one for Tarragona and three for Valencia. According to negotiating sources, the safest positions, in case of repeating the results of 2019, would be the Andalusians.

Belarra affirms that there will be an agreement between Podemos and Sumar and asks that there be no “vetoes” to Irene Montero


Garzón has advanced that the IU spokesperson, Sira Rego, like him, has given up running in these elections “to facilitate the presence of colleagues from other territories on the lists.” “It has been a gesture of generosity that once again highlights the philosophy of our organization regarding the collective project. Our formation has the largest organizational extension and institutional presence of all those that make up the space, and this will be essential in the future of the left”, Garzón remarked.

IU, in addition, would go from having the number 3 in the general elections of November 2019 -then for Enrique Santiago- to having the 9 for Madrid, a position that would only enter Congress if the current representation of the United confederal group is improved Can.

With the United Left, Sumar has already reached nine agreements for a joint candidacy for the general elections. The Proyecto Drago de Alberto Rodríguez, who reserves a position for Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Chunta Aragonesista, who will head the list of Zaragoza, the Batzarre from Navarre, the AraMés from the Balearic Islands, the Andalusian People’s Initiative and , in the last hours, Compromís y Más Madrid.

Waiting for the commons and Podemos

However, it is still necessary for the comuns and Podemos to finish closing their respective agreements, which could come out in the next few hours since Sumar’s will is not to exhaust the minutes to reach the legal deadline for registration of the coalitions, this Friday at midnight.

The most difficult piece of the negotiation is Podemos, which this Friday has stated that it will sign the agreement but that it will seek to the limit a fair pact and without “vetoes”. The party’s general secretary, Ione Belarra, has stated that Yolanda Díaz’s negotiating team has informed them that the presence of the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, on the lists is an obstacle to unity, something that Podemos does not want to accept.