Wednesday, November 30

The PP accuses Sánchez of using the Penal Code as an “exchange currency” with the independence movement

The Popular Party has accused the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, on Thursday of using the Penal Code as a “currency of exchange” with the independence movement, after the announcement that it will replace the crime of sedition with that of aggravated public disorder to standardize the legislation Spanish with the European. According to PP sources, however, this change is intended to “facilitate his stay in the Palacio de la Moncloa for another year.”

“The laws of Spain cannot be drafted at the ERC headquarters due to the political convenience of Pedro Sánchez,” they assure from the main opposition party, which adds that “in no European country would the crime of sedition be touched by the seditious”.

According to the PP, the current Prime Minister “is not worthy of the democratic tradition of the PSOE” and they assure that his party “cannot be silent or be an accomplice” to this “political barbarity”. From the opposition, the popular assure that “there will be understanding between the two great forces of Spain. But it will be with this PP and another PSOE”.

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