Thursday, July 7

The PP achieves the absolute majority in Andalusia with 54% scrutinized

The PP has won the Andalusian elections and reaches an absolute majority, according to the data from the count, which is now at 54% of the votes counted. Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla manages to overcome the barrier of 55 seats and with these results he will not need Vox to govern. The PSOE remains, the candidacies to its left sink and Ciudadanos disappears.

The PP, which lost the previous elections but managed to govern thanks to a pact with Ciudadanos, aspired with these early elections to govern alone, given the threat that the rise of Vox would condition the next legislature.

The count shows that the PP has achieved its objective for now. It obtains 55 seats compared to the 26 it had, which implies a rise from 20.75% of the votes to 41.7% in four years. This increase supposes the total absorption of Ciudadanos, his partner until now: Juan Marín’s candidacy is left out of the Andalusian parliament. The party fails to retain any of its 21 deputies.

The elections do not mean changes for now for the PSOE, which won the elections in 2018 and is now in second place: yes, it maintains its 33 seats. In his first elections at the head of the PSOE, Juan Espadas went from 25.4% of the votes to 25.9%. The party aspired to at least stay close to the results of four years ago.

For its part, Vox has managed to improve its results but has fallen short of initial expectations. Moreno Bonilla’s intention in bringing forward the elections, initially scheduled for December, was to stop his possible promotion. The landing of Macarena Olona in Andalusia leaves him with 14 seats, compared to 13 in 2018. The rise is from 10.96% of votes to 13.5%.

The candidacies to the left of the PSOE sink

The electoral night also leaves bad data for the candidacies that are located to the left of the PSOE, who underwent a complicated process of splits and negotiations to present themselves with two lists: For Andalusia -which groups United We Can, United Left and More Country, among others– and Adelante Andalucía –where Anticapitalistas is integrated–. The sum of both yields a worse result than the one achieved by the joint candidacy in 2018.

With the data scrutinized so far, Por Andalucía would have 5 seats in the Andalusian parliament. The candidacy led by Inma Nieto won 7.8% of the votes. For its part, Adelante Andalucía remains in 2 seats and 4.7% of the votes.

As a whole, the candidates go from the 17 deputies that the coalition reached in 2018 to the 7 now.

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