Sunday, August 7

The PP and the sugar in baby food: when Madrid does it, fine; when Garzón does it, wrong

Several members of the PP have charged against the announcement of the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, to regulate the broadcast of advertising of unhealthy foods and beverages when it is addressed to children and adolescents. The person in charge of social networks of the PP, Ismael Sirio, has uploaded a photograph on Twitter biting a chocolate bar surrounded by a large quantity of sugary foods: “What does Alberto Garzón say that he is going to ban nosequé,” he added in the tweet.

The image contrasts with some previous messages from Sirius, located this Thursday by various tweeters. The organization has shared a popular tweet, this time on January 11, 2017, when Sirio tweeted some images that compared ultra-processed products with the amount of sugar they had: “The amount of #sugar that these products have te it will surprise “, it said. In another, from 2013, he was surprised by an Antena 3 ad “about good nutrition” in which he saw “eating fried children and jelly.” “I was stunned,” he commented at the time.

The regulations announced by Consumption do not prohibit the consumption of these products, but rather regulate advertising. In television, for example, the new regulations will affect the hours of reinforced protection and the advertising spaces of programs aimed at children and television channels aimed at children under 16 years of age.

Comparisons with marijuana legislation

In another subsequent message, Sirio compared the regulation to fight against the data on overweight and obesity that affect Spanish children with the support of United We Can to decriminalize the recreational use of marijuana and regulate its sale. “We have a minister who wants to legalize marijuana but prohibit the advertising of sweets, chocolates, desserts, cookies, juices and ice cream. You voted for socialism. Take communism,” he wrote.

He has not been the only popular one who has reacted to the advertisement of Consumption by linking it to the legislation on marijuana. The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, shared this Thursday on Twitter another brief message for Minister Garzón: “Drugs, yes; sweets, no.” Alejandro Fernández, president of the PP in Catalonia, has shared a similar tweet: “Take away that they will still legalize marijuana the same day that they ban bollicao …”.

All this despite the fact that on the website of the Community of Madrid, governed uninterruptedly by the PP since 1995, they dedicate a specific point to recommend review advertising of unhealthy products directed at girls and boys: “We will review with our children external influences and food advertising. We must teach them to choose food correctly”, includes the website, which also advises limiting the consumption of candies, industrial pastries, chocolates, sweets and commercial desserts.

In this section of the Community of Madrid dedicated to healthy eating, the preschool stage (boys and girls from four to six years old) is spoken of as a period of consolidation of nutritional habits and of “learning by imitation and copying of eating habits “. In this way, they recognize that the child “is conditioned by the eating patterns that are established in the family environment (…) and those received through the media.”

The Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, has responded to the president of the Community of Madrid in an interview in La Hora de La 1. “I have no words. He has never been too interested in this issue. When the pandemic arrived, his solution was to gorge on pizzas to boys and girls, “he said.