Tuesday, October 19

The PP appeals to Rita Barberá to recover the Government: “It turned Valencia into the best city”

Along with the words Spain and freedom, perhaps the proper name that has been reproduced the most this Sunday in the bullring of Valencia has been that of Rita Barberá. The references to the former mayor, whom the party claimed to be separated due to its judicial investigation in the Taula case, have been a constant that has managed to ignite the public at the closing of the PP national convention.

The stands rose to their feet and exploded in applause every time a popular leader mentioned Barberá, an opportunity that practically all the speakers have exploited. Especially Maria José Catalá, spokesperson for the PP in the Valencia City Council and aspiring mayor, who has assured that the leader, who died in 2016, “made Valencia the best city in the world.” The city “needs the hand of a woman,” he insisted, making use of the policies of Barberá, who remained in the mayor’s office for two decades.

The also spokesperson for the PP in the Valencian Corts has served as host of the closing of the convention before some 9,000 people, where she has assured Pablo Casado that between the militancy and the territorial leaders they will lift him up to the Government: “From this square we take you on our shoulders and we will take you to Moncloa “.

The national leader of the PP has also remembered the former mayor, ensuring that the party will recover the city in her memory. El Casado interprets the multitudinous act as the “preamble to another victory as with Rita Barberá” and the first step to reach the central government. “Here is the PP again filling the bullring,” he pointed out.

The party removed the former mayor when the Taula case haunted her. In 2016, she was appointed territorial senator by the Valencian Community when she lost the city council and, as the investigation of the popular councilors who had formed her team developed, the party was displacing her from public life. In February, when the first accusations exploded, the party asked him to take “a step back”; in September they removed her from the presidencies of the Senate committees, to later expel her from the group.

In November 2019, when the party wanted to pay tribute to the former mayor in her speeches, her family sent a statement in which she expressed her “deep indignation at the miserable electoral use” that “is being done by the Popular Party of the Valencian Community “Of the former mayor” by now highlighting a political career, flagrantly ignored in recent years. The message from the family concluded by demanding that the party stop “walking the corpse of Rita Barberá with such spurious objectives.”


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