Friday, July 30

The PP asks the Government to condemn the Cuban dictatorship and demand the release of the detained ABC correspondent




The Popular Party (PP) has turned this Wednesday, one more day, in demanding a democratic solution to the repression with which the Cuban Government has responded to the protests that have taken place since Sunday. “Repeat with me: Cuba is a dictatorship. It’s okay to say it, it’s the same as any democrat would do, “he said this afternoon. Pablo Casado in Melilla, addressing the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, during a visit to the autonomous city.

But the popular ones do not remain in the declarations – throughout the day there have been many spokesmen who have demanded freedom for the Cubans -, and have taken parliamentary action. The group in the Congress has registered a proposition not of law in the Lower House to urge the government to act and to get out of the ambiguity with which the situation in Cuba has so far been faced.

While United we can
It even denies that Cuba is a dictatorship, since the socialist branch of the Executive avoids confrontation and avoids cataloging. «I think it is not productive to qualify things. It seems to me that it does not add value “, said this morning the now First Vice-President, Nadia Calvin, who has received the response from the popular Teodoro Garcia Egea via Twitter: «Moderation consists of insulting the PP and those who have voted for them while avoiding annoying the Cuban dictatorship. Sanchista manual of communicative practices ».

In the non-legislative proposal -a non-binding initiative that launches a petition to the Government-, the popular request its support to Congress to urge the Executive to “condemn the dictatorship and the repression to which it submits the Cuban people,” as well as to “Demand the release of all jailed political prisoners and journalists, such as ABC correspondent Camila Acosta.” To the latter, with whom the PP, mentions it twice in his explanatory memorandum as an example of the “attacks” on freedom perpetrated by the Government of Miguel Diaz-Canel.

Transition to democracy

The PP also requests that it be supported from the Embassy of Spain in Havana to the democratizing forces, that “members of the democratic opposition” be invited to official receptions at the Embassy or that they hold meetings with that opposition during official visits to the island. It is especially important, for the popular, that Spain promote a unique position of the European Union to “promote a peaceful transition to democracy.” Also, it urges to join the call of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights for the Government of Cuba “to comply with its obligations with Human Rights, in particular with the right to protest.”

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