Friday, September 30

The PP avoids supporting the absence of quarantines requested by Ayuso and regrets the lack of restrictions

The PP parliamentary spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, on Tuesday avoided supporting the request of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who has demanded that no type of quarantine be imposed on contacts of positive for coronavirus. Gamarra has considered that the approach of his party partner is a proposal “that is put on the table and that the health authorities will assess with the reports that correspond from the scientific point of view” and that the PP refers to those reports ” forever”. “What is needed is seriousness in decision-making and I am not going to make assessments, I will respect what is decided because the reports support it,” he has settled.

Ayuso will ask Health that those vaccinated with a complete schedule who are in contact with positives do not have to quarantine

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Gamarra has thus responded during a press conference in Congress to a question expressly referring to Ayuso’s request. The president of Madrid announced this Tuesday that she is going to ask the Ministry of Health for a change of criteria in quarantines so that contacts of a positive for coronavirus and who are vaccinated with the full schedule do not have to be confined for 10 days. According to the latest government update, only close contacts of positives with omicron, the majority in Madrid, have to keep said quarantine.

Gamarra has also criticized the central government for having called “late and badly” the conference of presidents that will meet this Wednesday to analyze the measures to be taken by the sixth wave of coronavirus infections. The PP spokesperson has criticized Sánchez because “he is late for everything” and has pointed out that the central Executive had to have adopted “measures days ago.” “In politics you have to prevent,” he said, to add, referring to Sánchez: “We are in the sixth wave, something has had to learn.”

“What we Spaniards have learned is that with this president measures are never taken on time and the announcements are at the service of what he needs at a given moment,” he concluded.

Regarding the conference this Wednesday, Gamarra has ensured that the PP will abide by “what is approved within the framework of that conference.” although it has demanded that the Government be the one who “takes the initiative” of the measures to be debated and, if necessary, to approve. In reference to the possible imposition of the so-called Covid passport, Gamarra has not supported Ayuso either, who has indicated on different occasions that he has no intention of implementing it in Madrid. The leader of the PP, from the hard core of Casado, has defended waiting for the “technical reports” and not imposing a “personal opinion”, but following what “those who know about public health” say.

Finally, Gamarra has made “an appeal to the whole of society to comply with the rules” and to be “as responsible as possible.”