Sunday, May 22

The PP breaks for the first time the unity of Congress against terrorism, joins Vox and does not attend the tribute to the victims

In a historic outrage, the Popular Party will not attend this Sunday the act of tribute to the victims of terrorism that, as every year, is held in the Congress of Deputies on the occasion of the Day of the Victims of Terrorism established in 2010. It is about the the first time that the popular have broken the unity of Parliament in the face of barbarism, after having attended all the tributes held since then every June 27 in Congress. The PP thus joins Vox, who will not attend the tribute either.

The PP turns to ETA six days before the elections in Madrid

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The main argument of the management of Pablo Casado for not attending the tribute, which is organized by the Lower House and not the Government, is that the Executive has produced in recent months several approaches of ETA prisoners to prisons near the Basque Country . Genoa 13 considers that these gestures, which were also carried out by the PP governments and when the terrorist gang, dissolved in 2018, killed, are due to an alleged agreement between the Government and EH Bildu for the support of this formation to the Budgets . But the independence party will attend the tribute of Congress.

Casado’s team’s explanation clashes with the recent trajectory of his own party. Between 1996 and 2004, when the terrorist group killed, the Government of José María Aznar brought 426 ETA prisoners to the Basque Country. And on October 12, 2016, Jorge Fernández Díaz, the then Minister of the Interior of the Executive of Mariano Rajoy, expressed The disposition to change the penitentiary policy regarding ETA prisoners: “If it were dissolved it is evident that, in general, the prison dispersal policy would be reconsidered.”

The PP is actually trying to battle with the extreme right by using ETA, a common resource in its strategy of opposition to the progressive government. Together with Vox, the PP Deputy Secretary for Organization, Ana Beltrán, along with the PP spokesperson in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, the PP spokesperson in the Senate, Javier Maroto, and other popular deputies will attend the concentration called by the Association Victims of Terrorism and other victims’ organizations at the gates of Congress.

The rejection of various associations

These associations have shown their rejection of the official act due to the presence in it of EH Bildu. However, the Victims of Terrorism Foundation will participate, whose president, Tomás Caballero, will speak in the hemicycle. It is about his premiere in an act like this Sunday since his position was occupied until the beginning of the year by Mari Mar Blanco, now and then leader of the PP.

The tribute is celebrated every year in Congress since in 2010 an institutional declaration was approved to establish June 27 as the Day of the Victims of Terrorism in memory of Begoña Urroz, who was murdered at 22 months in 1960 by a bomb planted in the station. railway from Amara (Guipúzcoa). Before the start of the act, the president of the Congress of Deputies, Meritxell Batet, the president of the Senate, Pilar Llop, and the president of the Constitutional Court, Juan José González Rivas, will greet the representatives of the associations of victims.

Next, the presidents of both Chambers and the rest of the authorities will go to the Sessions Hall, where the tribute ceremony will take place. Batet will open the session, which will begin with the clarinet interpretation of the Second Movement of the Mozart Concerto for clarinet, by the student of the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid José Eduardo Guerra Viana. Subsequently, Batet will give the floor to Tomás Caballero and then the president of the Congress will intervene. At the end of the speeches, a minute’s silence will be observed, after which Carmen Mateos Corona, a student of the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid, will interpret the First Movement of the Sonata in C minor by Antonio Vivaldi on the oboe.