Saturday, March 25

The PP breaks the law and makes propaganda on election day in Castilla y León

The Popular Party is calling for a vote for its formation on election day in Castilla y León, despite the fact that article 53 of the electoral law (LOREG) explicitly states that “electoral propaganda cannot be disseminated or any campaign act carried out once it has legally ended”, which happened last Friday at 11:59 p.m.

The PP has used the hashtag #YovotoPP to make calls to vote for its party on this day through Twitter, with messages about the party’s proposals for its electoral program such as a “tax cut” and a “75% aid for the rent”.

And not only the main account of the PP in the social network has used the hashtag #YovotoPP, the accounts of the party in provinces such as Segovia, León or Salamanca also use that call to vote when they show photos of their provincial candidates voting or criticizing Pedro Sanchez.

At the close of the campaign this Friday, the candidate Alfonso Fernández Mañueco made a very controversial call for participation, asking to go “house to house convincing the neighbors by handing out PP ballots.” The president of Castilla y León asked “to make a list who we have doubts about, talk to him and convince him to vote for the PP”.