Thursday, December 7

The PP calls for the “immediate withdrawal” of the energy saving decree in full meeting of Government and communities

The Popular Party has called this Monday for the “immediate withdrawal” of the royal decree on energy saving measures that comes into force at 00:00 next Wednesday. The deputy secretary of the Popular Organization, Miguel Tellado, has requested this measure without the completion of the Sectorial Conference on Energy, Industry and Commerce in which the Government has explained the initiatives contained in these regulations to the autonomous communities.

The PP balances not to disavow Ayuso in his war against energy saving

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While the meeting was still being held, Tellado spoke of an “energy improvisation plan” and also requested the “urgent” call for a conference of presidents for next week to address all energy measures. Minutes later, the Third Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, appeared, acknowledging that during the meeting there have been communities governed by the PP that, like the state leadership, have also requested the withdrawal of the decree, something that, according to the Vice President , it’s not going to happen.

The ‘number three’ of the PP has branded the text, which includes temperature limits for air conditioning or heating, as “unilateral” and “full of occurrences”. “It is a royal decree of the Government made behind the backs of citizens and public administrations, tailored to Pedro Sánchez,” he denounced. In his opinion, the Government “is in time to improve the plan” since, if that happens, the PP would be open to supporting its processing in Congress. But, immediately afterwards, Tellado has insisted that it is currently “Pedro Sánchez’s decree”, which “is leaving by helicopter from the press conference” in which “he asks the citizens for efforts”.

“Sánchez only governs by decree and is completely incapable of reaching the most essential agreements,” he denounced. “He is not capable of agreeing on the measures, not even within his own government,” he insisted. Tellado has spoken of a “disastrous energy management” by the Executive. “The government has not proposed anything, it has not worked on anything, it does not commit to anything. They are only impositions on citizens, SMEs and the world of culture. It cannot continue like this”, he stressed.

“Do not force us to prosecute”

Tellado has also assured that “while Sánchez flees forward Spain destroys employment” and “runaway inflation” is. “Spain does not have a minute to lose. We need a government that stops ignoring problems”, he assured. In his opinion, the Government “only undertakes to take off its tie.” with a “president who flies over reality from his Falcon, 5,000 meters high.” He has also asked him to “end his vacation” and “agree on measures” and “do not improvise them.

What the PP demands of Sánchez is that he “start up a process of real dialogue and agree on the measures.” For Tellado, the decree “generates enormous legal insecurity that leaves many administrations in a very difficult situation to understand.” “We propose to the President of the Government that he get it right and to get it right he has to withdraw this royal decree law, sit down with the communities and agree, because Spain needs to take this type of measure, but they cannot be improvised. What we ask the government is to be sensible. That does not force us to prosecute a situation ”, he concluded.