Thursday, January 27

The PP cools the idea of ​​joint lists with Cs in Andalusia: “This is not the time”

The deputy secretary general of the PP-A, Toni Martín, has pointed out this Sunday, about the possibility that his party would attend the next regional elections in joint lists with Citizens (Cs), that “we are not at that moment” yet of elections, and what the popular Andalusians are “thinking about right now” is “to continue working for Andalusia and to continue managing the interests of Andalusia.”

Moreno resurrects the joint PP-Cs candidacy in Andalusia and rescues the figure of Marín from the audio crisis

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“We are not in elections nor are we thinking about elections,” Toni Martín remarked to questions from journalists at a press conference at the headquarters of PP-A, in Seville, and after both the national president of Cs, Inés Arrimadas , as the regional coordinator of the orange party and vice president of the Board, Juan Marín, in an informative meeting of Europa Press left the door open this Saturday to the possibility of exploring the option of attending the next Andalusian elections in joint lists with the popular . The objective, they pointed out, would be to guarantee the reissue of the coalition government that both formations make up this legislature, and before the “anti-change clamp” of Vox and the PSOE-A.

Asked about this possibility of joint lists, the popular deputy secretary general has indicated that “the Andalusian government, and the main party that supports it, the PP, has to be managing 100%, working 100% and focused 100% only on that “, in working for the Andalusians.

“The elections, when they come, will come, but we are not at that moment,” added Toni Martín, who recalled that the budgets for 2021 “will be automatically extended on January 1,” 2022, and from the Andalusian government of Juanma Moreno will “continue to bring laws to Parliament and manage health, education, social services, which I think is what Andalusians want,” according to the representative of PP-A. In line, he stressed that the Covid-19 pandemic “has hampered the quality of life of many people, the management and work of many companies and SMEs.”

“Much remains to be done” in the legislature

Along these lines, he stressed that “Andalusia needs to continue growing”, and although “the forecasts are good, there is still a lot to do and months in the legislature.”

“We continue to be focused on Andalusia and the management of Andalusian problems,” insisted the representative of the PP-A, who has argued that “proof of this is the legislative activity in which the Andalusian Government and Parliament are immersed “.

Thus, Toni Martín has highlighted that, if the forecasts are met, before the end of the year the law that creates the new Trade Agency will be approved in Parliament, the law to expand the powers of the autonomous local entities (ELA) and regulate their subsidies, that of guide dogs for people with disabilities, the Tax Law, which “will update many public prices”, and the new decree of administrative simplification.

And in 2022, as he has highlighted, “vital and very important laws for Andalusians are expected to enter Parliament, such as the Circular Economy, Public Function, Early Attention or Local Police, which are” about to enter ” in the Andalusian Chamber, as he highlighted before defending that “the change in Andalusia is unstoppable” due to “many trips that are tried to be made from partisan strategies”.

Constitution Day and financing reform

On the other hand, Toni Martín has alluded to the Constitution Day that is commemorated this Monday, December 6, and has pointed out that “Spain needs harmony and serenity in the face of the rupture of the spirit of the Transition” which, in his opinion, ” the partners “of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, want to whom,” from the institutional loyalty “, the popular Andalusians ask” to recover the centrality and break its dependence on the Catalan nationalists and the heirs of ETA. ”

In addition, from the PP-A they demand for Andalusia “equality in the face of privileges”, and insist on warning that the Andalusians do not want to be “more than anyone, but we will not tolerate being less than anyone”, so that what They demand “equality among the Spanish”, as stated in the Constitution, as stressed by Toni Martín.

The deputy secretary general of the PP-A has also referred to the autonomous financing system still in force, although “expired” since 2014, which is “pernicious and damaging” for Andalusia, and has stressed that they are waiting for the Government of Sánchez to “undertake a new system that does not mean that Andalusians lose four million euros a day “, which translates into a” deficit in the provision of basic services in Andalusia “.

Andalusia wants to discuss it at the Conference of Presidents

After criticizing that the Government “has not responded to” Andalusia’s request that “this matter be collected and dealt with in the Conference of Presidents” scheduled for next January in La Palma, Toni Martín has also referred to the document “unilateral “of a proposal to reform the financing model that the Ministry of Finance sent last Friday to the autonomous communities, to which it gives” until the end of January to respond, “and has stressed that” we still have no news “from the Tax Policy Council and Financial (CPFF), which “is the body where these things have to be dealt with as many times as necessary,” he remarked.

Likewise, the leader of the PP-A has stressed that said document from the Ministry of Finance “does not say anything about the transitional and compensatory fund that Andalusia has requested for 2022 while the new financing system is approved, nor the” extraordinary Covid fund ” also claimed by the Board for next year.