Tuesday, March 21

The PP criticizes Sánchez’s “unexpected turn” on Western Sahara “without consulting him, without measuring the consequences”

The president of the organizing committee of the April congress of the Popular Party, Esteban González Pons, has criticized the “unexpected turn” adopted by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, in his position regarding Western Sahara.

Algeria calls its ambassador for consultations on the change of Spain’s position on the Sahara

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“Sánchez has taken an unexpected turn, without consulting him, without measuring the consequences and without knowing what relevance it may have,” the popular MEP said this Sunday in statements to the media during his participation in the rural world demonstration in Madrid.

For this reason, González Pons has asked the President of the Executive for explanations. “He must at this moment explain himself, he owes explanations to the whole world, to Algeria, to Morocco, to the Saharawis and above all to the Spanish. Hopefully Sánchez returns to Spain”, he said.

The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has also criticized the policy of the President of the Government regarding Western Sahara at the same concentration. For the leader of the far-right formation, Sánchez’s actions are “absolutely disastrous, decided behind the backs of Parliament, behind the backs of the Spaniards, changing 40 years of foreign policy.”

“And we have had to find out about it in a foreign newspaper, it is something truly dramatic,” he said in statements to the media during his participation in the demonstration in the rural world.

“The government must resign for a long time and must call elections,” Abascal assured. And he added: “Because of his absolutely erratic international policy like the one he has just tackled in the Sahara, which is absolutely disastrous, decided outside Parliament behind the backs of the Spaniards, changing 40 years of foreign policy.”

Citizens ask that Sánchez appear in Congress

For its part, Ciudadanos has announced that its formation will request the appearance of the president in Congress to give explanations about the change in the Government’s position. “Starting this Monday I am going to ask the PP and other groups to join us all in a joint petition,” assured Edmundo Bal, spokesman for the liberal formation in the Lower House.

The deputy secretary general of Ciudadanos has criticized the fact that the Government has taken this turn in Spain’s international policy in relation to the problem of the Sahara “without speaking with the opposition and consulting with the parliamentary groups”. “Our position is respect for international resolutions, waiting for due explanations, first by the President of the Government in Congress and not in a television interview and, second, by Albares”, he added.

On the position of the Government in relation to Western Sahara, Moncloa assured this Saturday that he had informed Algeria “previously”, in the face of the “surprise” expressed by the Algerian Executive, which has called its ambassador in Madrid, Said Musi, for consultations. . This was stated by government sources, who have also highlighted that for Spain, “Algeria is a strategic, priority and reliable partner” with which it intends to “maintain a privileged relationship”.

The Minister of Territorial Policy and spokesperson for the Government of Spain, Isabel Rodríguez, has defended the pact between Spain and Morocco because “it implies mutual respect and the absence of unilateral actions”, as she explained in a interview published in The reason. Rodríguez has called for evaluating the agreement as “excellent news” for the “opening of a new stage in relations between Spain and Morocco” and because it stands “precisely as an example” in these “times of war crisis and the atrocious invasion of Putin on the Ukrainian people.