Wednesday, September 27

The PP criticizes turning off shop windows for putting “the safety of women” at risk, although Feijóo asked to limit lighting at night

The coordinator of Social Policies of the PP in Congress, Marta González, assures that the energy saving measures proposed by the Government can have negative consequences “for women”. Specifically, security problems related to “gender violence and specifically sexual violence.”

According to González, the Royal Decree approved by the Government this week would imply that “cities, shops and streets were practically completely turned off”, despite the fact that the Government’s measures only require turning off shop windows and public buildings that remain lit by the night, but not street lighting.

“It is evident that it can have positive consequences, but the truth is that it can have very negative consequences in relation to the safety of women in the streets”, added the coordinator of Social Policies.

The idea of ​​turning off public lighting to which González has referred, which the Government has not approved, was proposed, however, only a few days ago by Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

“We must reduce unnecessary energy consumption”, declared Feijóo 10 days ago: “We must agree with the city councils on savings in night electric lighting to prepare ourselves for eventualities, cuts or reductions in energy”.

The leader of the Popular Party assured that he supports this type of measure because he considers them “essential” given the risk of a lack of electricity in the coming months.

This dance of proposals arrives on the same day that the Community of Madrid has assured that it will control the application of the energy saving plan just 24 hours after its president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, threatened to take the Government’s measures to the Constitutional Court and affirmed that she would not I would fulfill them.

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