Monday, August 8

The PP cuts the sentence on box B from the ABC cover to criticize the Government

The PP has wanted to criticize on Twitter the rise in the CPI, of which it has blamed the Government, but it has not gone entirely well. Those responsible for training networks have shared the cover of the newspaper ABC, ‘forgetting’ the bottom part, in which appears the condemnation of the party and its former treasurer, Luis Bárcenas, for paying in B for the reform of the headquarters of Genoa.

“The social shield that Spain needs is to remove Pedro Sánchez from Moncloa”, they have tweeted, attaching the image of the ‘personalized’ cover.

The failed maneuver has not gone unnoticed among Twitter users who, in case they hadn’t done it on purpose, have warned them that a piece of the cover has fallen off: “And the part that talks about Bárcenas’ sentence? “,” part of the geek cover was cut off “or” maybe there is some more detail that is also important “have been part of the reactions to the tweet.

With this tweet and this decision to cut the bottom part of the cover, in which a small space was dedicated to this condemnation, those responsible for training networks have followed the same strategy that the party was maintaining until now: keep silent and look the other way. In fact, the first public statement by a member of the PP on the ruling confirming that the Genoa headquarters was paid for with black money has come a day later. It was through the party’s national spokesman, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who wanted to unlink the condemnation from the current leadership and specified that, with Pablo Casado at the helm, the PP has “a strong commitment against corruption.”

On Thursday, the day the sentence was announced, no representative made a public statement and the only sentence that came out from the management was “on that issue we have already said everything we had to say.”

However, they did speak out about Consumption’s decision to prohibit advertising for minors of chocolate, sugar, cookies, juices, energy drinks or ice cream. It was through his online communication manager that he decided to post an image of himself eating a chocolate bar on his Twitter, surrounded by Donuts, Kinder eggs, cookies or juices and with a text in a mocking tone: “What does Alberto Garzón say? is going to prohibit what? ”