Monday, September 27

The PP exacerbates its crisis with Citizens in Castilla y León and with all the opposition takes down its health plan

The PP of Castilla y León has staged the crisis this Tuesday with its government partner, Ciudadanos, by voting in favor of a PSOE NLP to withdraw the plan for restructuring primary care in rural areas and guaranteeing medical consultation and face-to-face nursing in all clinics and health centers of the Castilla y León primary care network, at least with the frequency established by order April 15, 1991. NLP has succeeded with 70 votes in favor and 11 abstentions.

But, not only the Popular Party has voted in favor of canceling the plan of the Minister of Health, Verónica Casado (Citizens), the entire Mixed Group has also joined, made up of Podemos (two attorneys) Union of the Leonés People (one) , By Ávila (one) and Vox (one). Ciudadanos has presented an addition amendment that has not been accepted by the PSOE and has ended up abstaining. Specifically, Ciudadanos proposed agree by the parliamentary groups, before October 15, 2021, a package of measures that strengthen primary care and guarantee face-to-face medical and nursing care in all Health Centers and local clinics of the network, urge the Board of Castilla y León to the implementation of the agreed measures adapted to each basic health area and with the consensus of professionals and city councils, urge the Government of Spain to promote a Health Pact with the national parliamentary forces in which the necessary agreements are reached to maintain a National Health System with the number of medical specialists and nurses necessary to respond to the needs in the next 25 years.

The issue has created a wide gap in the coalition government. While the NLP was presented and debated, the president of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, was absent from the hemicycle accompanied by his advisers and the spokesperson for the parliamentary group, while the Citizens’ seats remained occupied. On the other hand, at the end of the Plenary, a meeting is scheduled between Mañueco and the leader of the PSOE, Luis Tudanca, while for that same moment, the vice president, Francisco Igea has summoned the media to a press conference in which he will report on health policy and the status of the government pact with the Popular Party.

The restructuring plan for Primary Care was one of the fundamental axes of Counselor Casado, and she presented it at the beginning of the legislature. However, and although the pandemic paralyzed its full execution, Casado’s plans, which included the closure of rural clinics to centralize rural health care in points that serve several municipalities, were partially carried out. Since the pandemic began, hundreds of clinics have remained closed. Mayors of all parties, including the PP, have criticized the restructuring that left a particularly aging population without assistance in their municipalities. During the debate, the PP Health spokesman, Alejandro Vázquez

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