Monday, March 27

The PP files Ayuso and accuses her of attacking Genoa to shield herself from suspicions about her brother

“My first obligation since I took office is to ensure that this organization is free from all suspicion. That all positions are committed to exemplary and transparency.” This is how the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, started a press conference in which he reported that the national leadership of Pablo Casado has opened an information file on Isabel Díaz Ayuso “to complete the inquiries” that have been carried out internally around a contract awarded by the Community of Madrid to a company related to the brother of the regional president, as revealed by last November.

IGNACIO ESCOLAR: What is happening with Ayuso, his brother, the detectives, a hand-picked contract and the war in the PP

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García Egea has assured that Ayuso “has recognized payments” to a company related to his brother in his appearance this Thursday, and that he did not give the explanations that he promised to Pablo Casado last year, when the information about the paper arrived in Genoa of Ayuso’s brother in a contract awarded by hand by the Community of Madrid. In addition, he has accused Ayuso of attacking Genoa: “The only thing that the leadership has received instead of a clear answer is a massive campaign of attacks, lies and slander like the ones that have been poured out today.”

The account of the events that García Egea has made starts from last September, when “the PP received information” about the alleged irregularities in the award of contracts by the Ayuso government. “Later, we learned that it was in the hands of the opposition and certain media outlets,” he added. At that time, always according to this version, Pablo Casado “called Ayuso to a meeting to update him on the facts”, at which time the president of Madrid “undertook to clarify it immediately”.

“From the absolute confidence in the honorability of people, my statutory obligation was to ascertain the truth, as I have always done with all the information I have received on all charges” and that “by involving Isabel Díaz Ayuso at all times, whom I informed on October 20, the PP launched the procedure of good practices”, that is, an “internal investigation”.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has continued number two of Casado, was questioned “to provide more information” about what happened with her friend’s contract that her brother benefited from. “Until today. We have not received any clarification”, she has concluded.