Wednesday, December 6

The PP gives wings in the European Parliament to the hoax of pederasty in the ‘bar Spain’

The preposterous hoax of pederasty in the ‘bar Spain’ has knocked on the door of the European Parliament. And in the recommendations on the investigation requests that come profusely to the European Parliament commission, the presidency, held by Dolors Montserrat – a member of the Alberto Núñez Feijóo PP leadership and former Minister of Health – includes the request to investigate falsehoods against public charges for an alleged plot of pederasty which was investigated and sentenced as false.

The European Parliament keeps alive the alerts about the deterioration of Doñana with the vote against PP and Vox

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Up to nine propagators of the ‘bar Spain’ hoax were summoned to sit on the defendant’s bench as of February for alleged crimes against moral integrity, for slander with publicity against an individual and against authority and public official, libel and slander with publicity and for false accusation against the administration of justice.

For more than two decades, the defendants have dedicated themselves to spreading hoaxes on the Internet about an alleged pederasty plot in an establishment located on the Benicarló highway. Without evidence, they assured that the former president of the Diputación de Castellón Carlos Fabra, the former president of the Generalitat Valenciana Francisco Camps and even a magistrate, in addition to other positions of the Generalitat Valenciana, would be involved.

The alleged plot was invented by a hairdresser from Castelló, Reinaldo Colás, now deceased, suspecting that his ex-wife’s partner was abusing their children. From then on, without any basis, the hoax spread to several public positions in Valencian politics (for which the Generalitat Valenciana Lawyer exercises private prosecution) and grew in forums conspiracists the internet and social networks.

And it is to all this that the president of the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament is giving wings, as reflected in the documents of the European Parliament.

Parliamentary sources explain: “You can present the petitions and then they have to pass this first review filter which consists of: the chair reviews the petitions (this is number 504), the PETI MEPs receive a document to review and add their comments ( if they see them admissible or not and why), then it returns to the chair, which reviews it again with the comments (it does not usually add changes). Finally there is a next round of comments from the MEPs and then those decided by the chair after the debate are admitted”.

The sources continue: “Surely this document is not written by her, but they are recommendations that are attributed textually to her and it is her responsibility because she is the chair”.

Sources close to the presidency of the commission argue: “That petition has not even been admitted for processing yet and the chair in this phase it does not intervene”.

“The president’s recommendations on admissibility and action will be deemed adopted unless comments are received by 13 September 2022,” says the document distributed to MEPs from the Petitions committee. And who is the president? Dolors Montserrat. And what is recommended? “Declare admissible [la petición de investigación] and ”request information from the Commission [Europea]“.

According to El Confidencial, who has advanced the news of the favorable recommendation to investigate the hoax, the investigation request comes from the lawyer Magí Ribas Alegret on behalf of Ramón Valero Martín Consuegra [los nombres no salen en el documento]self-styled on the net Concerned Technician, who actively spread the hoax (after the opening of the trial, he started a campaign to raise funds for his defense). “The impact published on the internet by this defendant has been of great relevance,” stated the Public Prosecutor’s Office in its brief on Martín Consuegra.

The document gives until September 13 for the MEPs to give their opinion to the president on that recommendation and the remaining 23 of the 21-page document distributed to the members of the commission, who are the ones who, ultimately, decide what is done with each request. Usually, popular, liberal and extreme right tend to stop the requests that come from the left and assert theirssomething that they often take advantage of PP, Ciudadanos and Vox to put political pressure on the Government of Spain. Other times, the liberals undo that majority and give impetus to some request from socialists, greens and the Left.

According to the recommendations document of the president of the Petitions Committee, the entire version of the propagators of the hoax is believed without a doubt: “The petitioner refers to a series of cases of sexual abuse and participation in child prostitution , satanic rites and even murder of minors by the Generalitat Valenciana (Spain). These cases date back to the 1990s when they were the subject of a judicial process (known as the ‘Bar Spain’ Case). […] He asks for a new investigation of the ‘Bar Spain’ cases, which at the time did not give rise to charges and which, in his opinion, were not duly investigated. At the same time, the petitioner denounces that 25 people, and in particular his representative, have been prosecuted for alleged crimes against moral integrity, false accusation and spreading rumors, and for having published entries in this regard on his blog and on various sites. web, repeating information published by the media that he believed to be the truth. […] Likewise, it considers that the judicial procedures suffer from a lack of procedural guarantees and requests that the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) and/or the European Public Prosecutor be notified of those matters that may fall within its competence insofar as they refer to the use of EU funds to finance crèches”.