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The PP goes to another level in its obsession with ETA: Sánchez, Otegi and Page, together under the slogan “Txapote vote for you”

That the Popular Party wants to extend its obsession with the extinct terrorist group ETA until the end of the 28M electoral campaign is no longer a surprise. Almost all the speeches of their regional and local candidates continue to put this question at the center, linking it to the electoral lists of EH Bildu, despite the resignation of the prisoners with blood crimes and despite the fact that they have little to do with the regional and local electoral programs.

The next level has been achieved by both the party itself and its New Generations, the youth organization. They have enabled several vans with a photo in which the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, appears together; that of this autonomous community, Emiliano García-Page; and the leader of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, with the slogan “Que os vote Txapote”.

The youth organization has confirmed to this initiative to put the accent on the political discourse of the PP. This despite the fact that both Pedro Sánchez, who considers the inclusion of these people on the Bildu list “indecent”, and García-Page, who said that “with those with the guns, not even around the corner”, have already criticized the initiative of the Basque political group.

Other of the vans that have circulated through Puertollano do not bear the Nuevas Generaciones logo, but directly the PP logo on the back. The image has been released by the Organization Secretary of the Castilian-Manchego PSOE, Sergio Gutiérrez:

It is not the first time that Nuevas Generaciones has turned state issues into objects of reproach for the socialist leaders of Castilla-La Mancha. And neither is it the first time that several vans with these messages have traveled through the towns, as also happened with the law of ‘only yes is yes’ last March coinciding with 8M, Women’s Day.

It so happens that in Castilla-La Mancha the discourse on ETA and Bildu, which they do not renounce in the PP, continues to be the order of the day. Even the speeches become somewhat surreal when relating this region to the Basque Country. This same week the president of the Basque PP, Carlos Iturgáiz, went to Guadalajara, who even spoke of the Castilian-Manchego candidate for the Junta, Paco Núñez, as the future ‘lehendakari’ of the autonomous community.

Page: “It’s indecent and miserable”

The regional president and candidate of the PSOE has responded to the initiative of the PP during an electoral act in Fuensalida (Toledo). “It is indecent and it is miserable that they go with trucks touring my image with a certain Otegi, I am simply ashamed that in my land someone is so miserable as to be able to do that. I’m ashamed”.

García-Page believes that “now that public television is objective, now that it is breaking audience records because everyone considers themselves recognized, they recognize themselves in it, the Villa billboards have been invented”, as he has called it.

“The billboards and advertisements Villa-Cospedal-Núñez. And all the insults that used to be directed at me on public television are now put on billboards, and it offends me personally. They may think that in this politics you have to put up with it, that I put up with it. If I hold on, I hold on a lot. In fact, I have been enduring many insults and many attacks all my life, ”he said.

He sent a message to Paco Núñez: “But, man, please, it seems to me, and make it very clear what I think, that if Núñez is desperate, please, please, let his nerves and despair, because He probably thinks that, 24 hours after losing, if he is not the president, his days are numbered.

In this sense, he said that “it really doesn’t matter to me what happens to me personally afterwards. I have that peace of mind. If he feels so, so, so desolate and so desperate, let him look for some other argument, let him make proposals or look for friends ”.

He has also referred to the previous episode, during the month of March. “They started a few weeks ago, man, with fences with Pedro Sánchez and me. And that is not what offends me, obviously, that we are in the same photo, no, it is that they put us together in the photos with rapists, with this yes is yes, when we have fought as the first to correct that error . It is miserable that they can accuse me of rape or encourage rape. I find it embarrassing, literally.”

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