Monday, June 5

The PP has on its lists in Os Blancos (Ourense) a man convicted of assaulting his father with a restraining order in force

The PP has recovered for its lists in the Ourense municipality of Os Blancos José Manuel Barreiro Jardón, a man whom he expelled from the local government group three years ago, after being sentenced to 20 months in jail for assaulting his father. The sentence includes a restraining order from his victim that prevents him from approaching less than 200 meters for three years, a period that he has not yet expired, denounces the PSOE.

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The socialist candidate in this small municipality (732 inhabitants) in the A Limia region, Emilia López, has criticized the PP’s decision to recover Barreiro Jardón for the municipal elections when his restraining order is in force. She does not expire, she emphasizes, until June. She is “absolutely unacceptable in a democracy”, she states in a statement collected by Europa Press.

The sentence was handed down by the Criminal Court number 1 of Ourense in 2019 and later ratified by section two of the Provincial Court. The PP waited for the sentence to be served, but at the time of the elections, on May 28, the restraining order will still be in force, denounces the PSOE, which recalls that Barreiro Jardón was removed by his own party in July of 2020 with a motion of urgency.

The events occurred in May 2018. The conviction considers it proven that Barreiro Jardón punched his father in the family home that caused him to fall on the sofa and then threw him and hit his head several times against the floor. The fact that she is once again part of the candidacy is for Emilia López an attack “against morality and ethics.” She demands that she be removed from the lists because, otherwise, the PP would show “that they are not even capable of complying with their own code of ethics and conduct.”

The Socialists recall that four years ago, in the previous elections, this person was part of the PP candidacy “knowing that he was pending trial”, a situation that “worsens in this case” because he was convicted.

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