Tuesday, September 26

The PP now asks to increase maternity and paternity leaves after demanding to cut the item to pay them

The Popular Party has defended this Tuesday a bill in Congress, which will be submitted for consideration late in the afternoon, to extend maternity and paternity leave to 26 weeks in the case of single-parent families and thus equate them families with two parents or adopters. This is the same PP that last week asked to suppress the budget items dedicated to paying for these permits.

The Government is open to extending maternity leave for single-parent mothers

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The popular They then launched a campaign against the Government for allocating 20,000 million to the Strategic Plan for the Effective Equality of Women and Men, which was presented by the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, but which commits all the ministries of the Executive, ignoring that said initiative includes maternity and paternity benefits or aid for work-life balance. “That the more than 20,000 million from the Ministry of Equality be allocated to help families,” said the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, ignoring that permits were included in that money. Her words were backed by the leadership of her party.

This Tuesday, however, the PP deputy María José García-Pelayo, has defended her proposal that “the PP has been, is and will always continue to be the party of families”. “We demonstrate it in the different governments with social benefits in favor of families”, she has assured. She has framed her bill in the “commitment” of the PP “with single-parent families, with a single parent or adopter, in difficult times.”

The parliamentarian has also taken advantage of her intervention to charge against the Government that, she has said, “looks the other way”, although she has also recalled that the Ministry of Social Rights has already proposed that same measure of extending maternity and paternity leave for single-parent families to six months. “Not only does it not lower taxes on families, but it is not capable of leading regulatory changes,” said García-Pelayo, in any case. “Given the obvious breaches of the Government, the PP brings an urgent and necessary bill that fills a legal gap,” she has settled.

Accusations of “hypocrisy” and “shame”

During the debate, however, several groups have reminded the PP of its contradictions, asking to increase paternity and maternity leave while asking to cut budget items in order to guarantee them. “What curd yours!” The socialist deputy Esther Peña Camarero has told the popular deputies. “The party of the cuts, the party of the pacts against women in Castilla y León, speaking of conciliation, with what we have heard these days”, he lamented, before pointing out that “the PP wants to eliminate 20,000 million” of aid to reconcile.

Both the PSOE and United We Can have not clarified during the debate what the meaning of their vote will be in taking into account the PP law, but they have considered that a “comprehensive” plan is necessary to address aid to the families.

“It takes a lot of hypocrisy and shame to do what they are doing. They attack feminist proposals and now they come to wash their faces with this type of proposal that you don’t even believe, ”denounced, for her part, the deputy of EH Bildu, Bel Pozueta, during the debate. She has also accused the PP of making “balances by agreeing with the extreme right in the morning and defending the rights of women in the afternoon.”

Although with similar reproaches to the main opposition party, they have announced their support for the new Vox, Ciudadanos, ERC, PNV, BNG, Más País and PDeCAT regulations.