Monday, February 26

The PP now says that Garzón “damages the reputation” of “24 sectors”: “ham”, “sweets”, “toys” and “the head of state”

The Popular Party has redoubled its commitment on Tuesday to try to use its hoax on the words of the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, regarding the macro-farms, to wear down the progressive government. During the debate on a non-law proposal from Pablo Casado’s party that directly asks to abolish the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the deputy in charge of defending the initiative, Carmen Riolobos, assured that Garzón “has damaged the reputation of 24 sectors.”

The data that shows that the macro-farms have led Spain out of environmental legality

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“Look, I have here a list of the 24 sectors that his reputation has already affected: farmers, ranchers, veterinarians, businessmen and freelancers, state security forces, the head of state, tourism, meat, oil, ham, sweets. , telecommunications, advertising, technology sector, sugary drinks, energy drinks, sugar, games, toys, chefs, restaurants, bars, customer service and autonomous communities”, Riolobos assured from the lectern of Congress, to the surprise of the rest of the deputies .

All this added to the hoax spread two weeks ago by the right, also assumed by some leaders of the PSOE –such as the presidents of Aragón and Castilla-La Mancha, Javier Lambán and Emiliano García-Page, respectively–, about what Garzón said in the interview granted to the British newspaper Guardian and that was published on December 26. According to the PP, the minister said that “Spain exports poor quality meat and does not respect animal welfare.”

In reality, the Minister of Consumption never pronounced that phrase spread by the PP. Garzón limited himself to assuring, according to the transcript of the interview with the British media provided by the minister himself, that that of the macro-farms “is a meat of worse quality” than that of extensive agriculture, that these farms cause “animal abuse” as well as “an enormous and disproportionate ecological impact”. He also showed his support for the extensive livestock sector in the English media, recalling that this “has a lot of weight” in regions such as “Asturias, part of Castilla y León, even Andalusia or Extremadura.”

For the PP, “Garzón is incompetent”

Although that interview was published on December 26, it was not until January 3 when the right-wing politicians, but also the media, began an all-out war against the minister, whom they accused of “attacking” livestock, in the middle of the campaign of the elections in Castilla y León on February 13.

This Tuesday, the deputy of the PP Carmen Riolobos has assured that “the news that the Spaniards expect” is that “Sánchez dismisses Garzón and abolishes the Ministry of Consumption”. In his opinion, Garzón “is irresponsible and incompetent and does not defend consumers.” “He is obsessed with imposing on us how we have to eat, buy and behave. He has not passed a single law and is always immersed in undue controversy.” “It puts its communist ideology first and imposes the Cuban model of ration cards,” he said. For Riolobos, Garzón has only used his ministry “to place all the friends of IU in Malaga.”

But “the straw that broke the camel’s back” of Garzón’s performance “has been the case of Guardian“for which, in his opinion, the minister “has discredited the best meat in the world, which is Spanish meat”. Spanish”, added Riolobos.

All this was pronounced in the debate on the non-law proposal to abolish the Ministry of Consumption that has not achieved the necessary support to be approved.