Saturday, September 25

The PP of Toledo criticizes the concert of Los Chikos del Maíz and accuses them of “proetarras” and of “publicly calling for violence”

The Municipal Popular Group of the Toledo City Council has asked the mayor, Milagros Tolón, this Sunday, to clarify whether the Consistory finances “directly or indirectly” the concert of Los Chikos del Maíz next September in the regional capital, group whom he has described as “pro-ETA” and of whom he has said that he “calls for violence publicly.” The statements occur in the same week of the controversy with the Zahara poster, which was finally withdrawn after Vox accused the artist of being an “extreme offense” against the Virgin.

Zahara speaks after the controversy over his poster: “I will give the only answer singing and defending freedom of expression”

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The spokesperson for the ‘popular’ in the Toledo City Council, Claudia Alonso, has lamented that while Tolón goes to the Cathedral to the mass in honor of the Virgen del Sagrario “she consents” that concerts are going to take place in the city “of people who they offend “religious sentiments.

“They are not people who go for tolerance and peace, they are pro-ETA, they call for violence publicly and in the lyrics of their songs they offend millions of people,” he said, referring to the “humiliating concert” of Los Chicos del Maíz and to the “humiliating” Zahara poster.

For this reason he has demanded that the mayor “come out and talk”, regretting that she has been “silent” throughout the controversy, and to explain what is the financing, directly or indirectly, that the City Council is putting on the table for “protect” that this type of concert will take place with the money of all the people of Toledo.

“Toledo is a moderate city in which we do not like incitement to violence and when the City Council encourages actions to take place, paid for by the money of the people of Toledo, of groups that incite that hatred and that violence, we we reject it, “he declared.

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