Saturday, November 27

The PP opens a procedure against Álvarez de Toledo for breaking the voting discipline in the election of candidates to the Constitutional Court

The PP parliamentary group in Congress will open a procedure against its former spokesperson Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo for breaking the voting discipline in the renewal of the Constitutional Court, although its current spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, has not clarified whether this process will entail a sanction.

Enrique Arnaldo and Concepción Espejel: controversy ensured in the Constitutional Court

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Faced with the public statements in which Álvarez de Toledo indicated that he had voted blank on the renewal of the Constitutional Court, the group will activate the internal rules that “have been made for everyone”, they will be applied “calmly” and will remain in the “scope internal “, Gamarra said at a press conference.

But the group has not clarified whether or not this procedure will lead to sanction and they do not anticipate the nature of the actions that the group can take, which has not yet discussed it and has not opened a file for the moment.

Álvarez de Toledo acknowledged two days ago that he had not supported the vote of the candidates agreed between PP and PSOE for the renewal of the court and justified his decision that “distribution of stickers” seemed a “bleak spectacle” and “counterproductive for the PP “.

In an interview in ‘El Mundo’, to promote his latest book, ‘Politically undesirable’, Álvarez de Toledo defended that “one cannot demand that there be a depoliticization of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) and yet participate in an impudent, active and public politicization of the Constitutional Court “. The PP, which has blocked the renewal of the members of the CGPJ with the expired mandate, agreed with the PSOE to send Enrique Arnaldo to the Constitutional Court, with several appearances in corruption summaries that affect the ‘popular’, and Concepción Espejel, who arrived to be removed from Gürtel’s trial due to her proximity to the PP.

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