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The PP points to “the Basque school” for generating “a climate of hatred for Spain” after the attack on a militant

The president of the PP of Álava, Iñaki Oyarzabal, has directly accused the Basque school of generating “a climate of hatred” for Spain. “It is a breeding ground that has been generated in a Basque school that does generate a climate of hatred for everything that has to do with Spanish. We cannot cover our eyes, we cannot continue talking about what is happening in Madrid and not talk about what has been happening here for a long time, “he said in an interview with Radio Euskadi on Wednesday.

The attack on a young man from the PP of Vitoria will be investigated as a hate crime and there are four witnesses to the events

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Oyarzabal has targeted the PNV for its management of Basque schools. “I do not see that the Basque school is trying in a belligerent way to counteract hate speech against everything that has to do with Spain and with ideologies such as the one represented by the PP in the Basque Country,” he blamed the ‘ jeltzales’. “Take action on the matter, because here there are 18, 20 and 16 year old boys who leave school with a hatred in their bodies that someone would have to explain to us what is due,” he ordered. Education, however, was not in the hands of the PNV in Euskadi until the arrival of Iñigo Urkullu to Ajuria Enea in 2012. In fact, two Education Councilors, the socialists José Ramón Recalde and Fernando Buesa, have been victims of attacks by ETA.

The Alava leader has called the decision to investigate the attack on Ander García Oñate, a young man from the PP of Vitoria, as “correct”. The penalty for the aggressor, a 20-year-old girl who punched him in the face shouting “facha” and who also uttered a “Gora ETA!”, Could even include imprisonment and a high financial penalty. “Here are some who beat up and pay homage to the ETA, but who has run the Basque school for thirty years? There is a climate that has made it easier to try to corner those of us who have specific ideas,” he complained, concerned due to the fact that the “direct intimidation” of the PP militants is multiplying in Álava and Vitoria, a territory and a city in which it has ruled for years.

In line with what was expressed by the leader of the “popular” Basques, Carlos Iturgaiz, Oyarzabal has also pointed out that the nationalist left is “portraying” itself on a daily basis. This, through the mouth of its general coordinator, Arnaldo Otegi, described the aggression as “reprehensible”, “objectionable” and “unacceptable”, but Oyarzabal considers that it is not enough. “All this type of aggression portrays those who do not want to condemn them. That they tear their clothes when they are permanently cheering, encouraging and paying homage to those who have been murdering us, extorting and embittering our existence for so many years fills me with surprise”, he pointed out. asked about the reaction of Maddalen Iriarte, EH Bildu spokesperson in the Basque Parliament, who asked him to retract previous statements.

The leader from Alava has also denounced that, unlike with homophobic attacks, with attacks on members of the New Generations of the PP it is not possible to assess who gives rise to their occurrence. “I am homosexual and I preside over the Popular Party of Álava. If they beat me, is it different than if they beat me for defending my ideas?” “Here, every weekend, we have breakfast with tributes to murderers. Fuck the most radical ones,” he added, and he detached from Vox and his statements the latest homophobic attacks, which have occurred in places like Basauri and also recently in Madrid. “I do not see that those of Vox are cheering and honoring those who attack homosexuals on weekends and, on the other hand, here I do see people who dedicate themselves to taking their children to homages to murderers,” he pointed out and has stressed that Vox does not listen to “direct speeches” against homosexuals.

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