Monday, August 8

The PP still has no date to choose a new address in Madrid despite pressure from Ayuso

“It will be when the party decides and I will abide by it, because it is his thing. But if there are statutes and regulations, we all have to follow them.” Under this premise, Isabel Díaz Ayuso has arrived this Friday at the meetings of the main governing bodies of the PP in Madrid claiming once again that the regional congress must choose a new direction, a process for which only she has applied for now, go ahead and celebrate “as soon as possible.” The meetings ended after 1:30 p.m. without agreement on the schedule for the internal conclave. The regional president had already considered it impossible to celebrate this year, as she wanted, but now she was fighting for it to be before March 2022. For now, the meeting ends, again, without a date.

Ayuso vs. Married or the tradition of the PP of Madrid to confront the national leadership

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“I am not here to pressure anything or anyone,” Ayuso had told reporters upon arrival at the party’s headquarters, on Madrid’s Genoa street. A building that, as the National Court ruled this Thursday, was renovated with black money from the box B of the PP that the ex-treasurer Luis Bárcenas managed. On the matter, Ayuso has tiptoed over: “I have enough trouble with mine to go to other areas, I’m in the autonomous community.”

Sources close to the Madrid president have assured once the meeting is over that, during the meetings, Ayuso has announced his decision to appear to preside over the Madrid PP “when the decision is made” and has deepened his “total” support for the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, “so that he obtains a very large majority” in the next general elections that Pedro Sánchez has already reiterated that they will be at the end of 2023. The president of the Community of Madrid has also stated, according to these same sources, that he seeks “concentrations of power or hyper-leadership”, but rather that everyone feels represented in his project.

The Councilor for Culture of the Madrid City Council, Andrea Levy, has also confirmed at the exit that there is no date for the conclave and that it will be held “when it touches”, without giving further details. Levy, who before his entry had advocated for “unity”, has assured that the speech of the Madrid president has been “conciliatory”, as a way to subtract iron from the controversy and staging a unity that is weak.

Aguirre with Ayuso

Facing these meetings of the Regional Committee and the Board of Directors, Ayuso had this week rekindled his struggle with the leadership of Pablo Casado to advance the Congress, which seemed to have been overcome in the PP national convention, in which Ayuso said in public that he has no intention of making the leap into state politics as long as Pablo Casado is at the helm, becomes enraged and puts the supremacy of the right in Madrid at risk.

The head of the Madrid Executive has not missed this Friday the opportunity to raise again the state importance of her figure, her relevance in Spanish politics, at the same level as her head of ranks, Pablo Casado. “Right now Spain is looking at us and needs us,” he said upon arrival. To add: “And of course it also needs the Community of Madrid to continue being a political counterweight as it is today, and for that it is important to think about the end.”

The meeting in Genoa was also attended by former president Esperanza Aguirre, who has joined Ayuso in his fight with Pablo Casado. The ex-leader the PP of Madrid had also demanded upon his arrival that there be “no more undue delays” and that the regional congress be convened as soon as possible. “It must be taken into account that both the law on political parties and the party’s statutes say that no more than four years can go by without the congress being convened. This party was condemned because an affiliate appealed the non-convocation of Congress in the 2015 and the Supreme Court agreed with him, because he said that the affiliates have to express themselves, “he assured.

The national leadership asks for unity around Casado

The meeting was also attended by leaders aligned to prevent Ayuso from concentrating great power in Madrid, something that in the past led the party to major internal fights. The first to speak upon his arrival was the mayor of the capital and spokesman for the executive of Pablo Casado. José Luis Martínez Almeida has defended that the result of the May 4 elections is not only due to Ayuso, but also to “the work of the entire party.”

His Councilor for Culture, Andrea Levy, had also pointed to the Madrid president, although without citing her. “Anyone who has a concern other than that Casado is president of the Government is wrong,” he said. “The most important thing is to remain exemplary and not controversial,” he concluded.

For his part, the Deputy Secretary of Communication, Pablo Montesinos, has stated that the party should “row all together so that Pablo Casado is president of the Government.”