Friday, September 22

The PP trusts its options to reach the Government to the way in which Sánchez resolves the crisis

“The crisis will be with you, and you with the crisis.” This is how the parliamentary spokesperson for the PP, Cuca Gamarra, has summed up the future of the legislature and the options of the virtual president, and candidate for the Presidency of the Government, of his party: Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Gamarra has criticized in Congress the defense that Pedro Sánchez has made of the anti-crisis plan approved on Tuesday by the Council of Ministers. The current maximum leader of the PP, before the deferred resignation of Pablo Casado, has attacked the moment in which the plan was approved, in addition to its content. Gamarra has called the president “myopic”, giving a “kick forward” with the measures approved yesterday and delaying them with the excuse of the European Council.

Sánchez calls on Congress for “intelligence” and “unity” in the face of the war that did not take place in the pandemic

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“The economy is approaching collapse,” he predicted. Gamarra has accused the PSOE of causing the “ruin of the middle and working classes once every 10 years.” Then, he has added, the PP has to arrive “to fix it”. That is to say, the PP points out that this “ruin” will be the formula to win the elections. “The parties that forget their history are doomed to repeat it”, he pointed out.

Gamarra has rejected the Government’s anti-crisis plan from top to bottom: the PP says no to the 10,000 million ICO credits, to the direct fuel subsidy, the increase in the minimum vital income or the limits on rent increases. His response to the crisis, as he has been clamoring for months, is one: lower taxes across the board. This Wednesday, Gamarra has insisted on a plan to suspend the Special Tax on Hydrocarbons and reduce VAT to 4%. A proposal that would cost about 20,000 million euros a year, to which should be added an income tax adjustment pointed out in this speech and that the spokeswoman has estimated at 4,000 million euros more.

The leader of the PP has demanded again this Wednesday the resignation of Sánchez, something that has become a tag in the speeches of the main opposition party. “I should have resigned by now. There will be no campaign that can hide the collapse of the government from him”, he has maintained. And that Gamarra has recognized that the crisis has “exogenous triggers.” “What differentiates the magnitude of the crisis in each country is the economic policy with which they face it,” he said. “Yours is the worst government at the worst time,” he added.

Gamarra has also attacked Sánchez’s negotiation during the European Council. “The Iberian exception is the verification of a weakness as a country”, he has said. To then question whether this “exceptionality” is real since “in the conclusions it is not mentioned” expressly, but rather “exceptional measures are cited depending on the degree of interconnection and the mix of renewables”.

“Instead of reducing inflation, it is going to increase it,” said Gamarra about the government’s plan. He has also lamented that the plan does not affect the problems of the “productive fabric”, that there are no measures to guarantee the “supply chain or to mitigate the effect of the sanctions on Russia”. “The transporters’ strike or the problems of shortages have not been resolved”, he has claimed, to demand that it be “more ambitious”.

“The regional presidents have been untruthful,” said Gamarra, who has insisted that “in La Palma he committed to new tax cuts, and there are none.” The statement from the conference of presidents says: “The measures that will be incorporated into the plan will develop and intensify those already announced so far, such as tax cuts to cushion the impact of energy prices on the bills paid by families and businesses and others that may arise. A phrase that for the PP implies the reduction of other taxes and for the Government it is fulfilled with the extension of the tax reductions of the plan.

“No more sacrifices can be demanded from the Spanish while you live like a king”, the general coordinator of the PP has snapped. A phrase that is reminiscent of when Feijóo said that the Government is “lining up” with taxes. A Feijóo that two weeks ago announced a battery of measures to alleviate the effects of the crisis in Galicia. At the moment, none has been formally approved. The royal decree law of the Government will enter into force on April 1.

Morocco: “The worst is yet to come”

The appearance this Wednesday has also allowed the President of the Government to address the turn he has taken on Foreign Policy in relation to Morocco and Western Sahara. Gamarra has attacked the letter sent by Pedro Sánchez to King Mohamed VI, which he has described as “botched” that none of his predecessors in the Moncloa Palace had signed. “He thinks he’s smarter,” said Gamarra, who pointed out that Sánchez “expressly accepts that the Moroccan proposal is the most serious basis for solving the problem.”

“It takes sides for the solution of one of the parties, it has gone beyond France and Germany”, he pointed out, to settle that in this case, the Government has taken “a 360 degree turn” (sic). Gamarra has considered “humiliating” that it is the Moroccan Royal House that reports the content of the letter signed by Sánchez. A content that, when reading it, “the embarrassment does not stop growing”, he has maintained.

“Unity in foreign matters is very important, here we are,” Gamarra told the president, to attack the coalition Executive. “Is he capable of guaranteeing the unity of his own Government?” He has demanded. “He asks for unity, but he is not capable of offering it to the Spaniards,” he snapped.

“Has Morocco replied to your letter?” he asked. “Has Morocco given you guarantees about Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands?”, she added.

“The worst is yet to come”, he predicted in his speech. “It would be nice if we got out of here knowing where he wants to take this country. His service record is full of failures and it is not what Spain needs”, he concluded.