Friday, February 3

The PP-Vox pact in Castilla y León: a law of “intrafamily” violence that erases the sexist and an “orderly” immigration

The agreement between PP and Vox to govern in coalition in Castilla y León was reached ten minutes before the plenary session of the constitution of the Cortes began. A “triumph” according to both parties, but of which they do not reveal details. The president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, and the one who will be vice president, Juan García-Gallardo, at a press conference refused to answer whether a part of the Vox program that was made public on Thursday and that would force the Government to comply in the first three months with three commitments: repeal the Decree of Historical Memory, collaborate with the Police for the expulsion of illegal immigrants, and reduce subsidies to unions and institutional advertising in the media. “Well, they’ll be seeing it,” said Fernández Mañueco. “You will see it in the program”, García Gallardo has agreed. Although they have been asked twice, neither of them has specified anything. They have not even gone beyond confirming that Vox will occupy the vice presidency of the Board and three councils.

Carlos Pollán, the leader of Vox who will preside over the Cortes de Castilla y León, broke the Ademar handball club

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“The constitution of the Cortes today is no coincidence, remember, a year ago the motion of censure was put forward based on defectors and it was the beginning of a period of instability in Castilla y León”, said Mañueco. “It was obligatory to give voice and vote to the people of Castilla y León, who chose that there be no turncoats or secret pacts. It is a triumph for the people of Castilla y León,” he assured.

For Mañueco, the “objective” was to reach a programmatic agreement, about which he has said nothing despite the insistence of the press. An agreement “crucial to sustain a solid and stable government.” According to the president, the dialogue with Vox, which on Thursday night assured that there was no agreement, has been fruitful. “We have reconciled our positions and modulated particular positions. The agreement consists of 11 axes, 32 programmatic actions, it is solid and stable and on a personal level we agree on the need for a strong and stable government, we have put above all the interests of the people. We banish any ghost of electoral repetition. Three ministries will fall to Vox and as well as the vice-presidency of the Board and the presidency of the regional Parliament”, confirmed Mañueco.

Domestic Violence Law and “orderly immigration”

The press conference began without the journalists having the document containing the agreement, although it was provided at the end of it. The striking thing is that while Mañueco and García Gallardo avoided responding to the demands that according to Vox should be assumed within three months, they have been specified in the pact. Castilla y León will be the first Community to have an Intrafamily Violence Law, a concept with which Vox makes gender violence invisible or erases. It appears in point 10: “We will approve a law to combat domestic violence to promote preventive measures and provide adequate protection for its victims. We will update the current regulations on protection to improve care for victims, especially when they are minors.” , the elderly, women, people with disabilities or vulnerable people, and with special emphasis on rural areas, guaranteeing equality”, he points out. During the press conference, Mañueco only managed to say that he will protect “all victims of violence.” “Also the one you tell me about,” he pointed out to a journalist. “Sexist violence?” he was questioned. “Yeah, that one too,” he said without specifically mentioning her.

But it is also that, although it appears in the last point of the pact, the PP also gives in with another battle horse of Vox, that of “illegal immigration”. On Wednesday night, Vox pointed out in his proposal for the PP as an unavoidable point the “collaboration” of the Junta de Castilla y León “with the Police in the identification of illegal immigrants so that they can be expelled.” The point is softened in the pact with what is now called a promotion of “orderly immigration that, from cultural, economic and social integration, and against illegal mafias, contributes to the future of Castilla y León.”

Historical memory

They bring out the demand to repeal the Historical Memory Decree, but it does appear camouflaged in one of the axes of government: “Vindicate our common history, understood as an integrating element for reconciliation, combating any attempt by those who try to use it to divide Spaniards “. Thus, the PP has given up on almost everything except Vox’s intention to reduce subsidies to unions and institutional advertising in the media.

According to García-Gallardo, the agreement “favors the countryside, the families, the industry” and creates “a strong, stable and lasting government with unity of action.” He stressed that this Thursday is “a historic day” because “it is the first time” that Vox has entered into an autonomous government, an “alliance” that according to him “will set a good example for the rest of the communities and the nation of what happens when PP and Vox come together”.

Although Mañueco has not specified which ministries Vox is going to occupy, he has stressed that the important thing is the program to develop a government action and not “the distribution of chairs”, although that is precisely what has been agreed, to distribute positions without specifying which ones or why?