Saturday, December 10

The PP wants to return to the minimum 5% of votes to enter the Parliament of the Murcia Region

Before the end of the legislature, the minimum number of votes to access the regional Assembly could rise from 3 to 5 percent. According to The Truth, The Popular Party and its government partners – those expelled from Vox and the defectors from Ciudadanos – are also studying a return to the electoral model of five electoral districts, eliminating the single district of 2015: “The PP does not have them all with it and wants to impose with their majority bought an electoral framework that would give them a majority that they now know they would not get at the polls, “denounces Ana Martínez Vidal, deputy for Citizens in the Regional Assembly.

“This is the last cacicada. Since the purchase of defected deputies in March to frustrate the motion of censure there has been a cascade of reforms and dubiously legal measures such as changing the President’s Law and the repeal of the Statute of Autonomy. Now, in the middle of party, they try to reduce the proportionality of the elections “, denounces Javier Sánchez Serna, autonomic coordinator of Podemos and deputy for Murcia in the Congress of Deputies.

After the repeal of the Statute of Autonomy, the popular would have a free hand to approve this reform. The Statute contemplated the reform of the Electoral Law with a three-fifths majority in the Assembly. Now, they only need an absolute majority. The Statute of Autonomy also shielded the minimum of 3 percent of votes to access the Assembly and the sole constituency in the Region: “Raising the thresholds to achieve representation or putting artificial constituencies in a single province goes in the direction of holding elections less proportional, to remove the voice of the opposition and that the institutions reflect less and less the plurality of Murcian society “, Serna observes.