Wednesday, May 25

The Prado Museum incorporates a ‘Picasso’ donated for five years to its collection

The Royal Board of the Prado National Museum has accepted the deposit, for a period of five years, of ‘Buste de Femme 43’, by Pablo Picasso, which will be exhibited “immediately” in the El Greco portrait rooms, one of the the most obvious references in the Malaga artist’s painting.

This work, made by Picasso in 1943, has been donated to the American Friends of the Prado Museum by the Aramont Art Collection of the Arango Montull family. A spokesman for the gallery has explained to Europa Press that they expect the painting to be hanging within “two weeks”, while remarking that both the Ministry of Culture and the Reina Sofía Museum knew of this donation “from the first moment “.

“It is an opportunity that arises along the way. What do we prefer, that there be a Picasso hanging on a wall of a private house or that it be visited by all Spaniards?”, They have pointed out from the Prado, recalling that “without the support of the Ministry, this would not have gone ahead. ”

‘Bust of a Woman’, made in 1943, is a high-quality sample of Picasso’s response to the violence of World War II. In many of the female images painted in this period, the artist deformed the features of the figures in a radical way. In this one, painted in a single day, he did it with fast and very safe strokes.

The president of the Royal Board of Trustees, Javier Solana, stressed that the decision of the American Friends of the Prado Museum is “undoubtedly good news for all Spaniards and also for all those who visit the country attracted by its wealth of heritage.”

“A painting by one of our great national geniuses, until now in the hands of a private American collection, becomes publicly accessible and this makes all of us who love Picasso’s work, museums and culture happy. Spanish institutions They have shown a reaction capacity to comply with all the procedures that have made it possible for Spain to be more culturally rich today than yesterday, “he added.

For his part, the director of the Museum, Miguel Falomir, has expressed his gratitude to the donors and congratulated himself that the Prado Museum “has penetrated” in collectors’ circles in the United States. “This deposit is excellent news for an institution whose first vocation is to make art accessible to citizens,” he indicated.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, already indicated that it seemed “good” that there is “a Picasso” in the Prado Museum, although ruling out that this work is the ‘Guernica’ because “everything has a limit “. “Continuity is not confusion and I think things are very good as they are,” added the politician.