Saturday, September 30

The president of Argentina condemns the attack on the vice president as “the most serious that has happened” since the return to democracy

The president of Argentina Alberto Fernández has referred on national television to the attack suffered last night by the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner when a person, who has already been arrested, tried to fire a weapon centimeters from the vice president’s head. The president expressed his condemnation of the “attack” on the country’s vice president and declared this Friday a non-working day for Argentine society to express “in peace” its rejection of violence.

Shock: they arrest a man who triggered a weapon against Cristina Fernández

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In a message on national television, the president maintained that the “attack” against the former president is the “most serious event that has happened” since Argentina returned to democracy in 1983. “A man pointed a firearm at his head and trigger. Cristina remains alive because, for a reason that has not yet been technically confirmed, the weapon that had five bullets did not fire despite having been triggered, “said the head of state.

“This attack deserves the strongest repudiation of Argentine society because these events affect our democracy. We can discern, we can have deep disagreements, but in a democratic society there is no possibility that violence coexists with democracy, our vice president has been attacked and social peace has been altered”, she declared.

Fernández de Kirchner arrived at the department where he lives, in Juncal and Uruguay, Recoleta, after nine at night, local time. During the round of greetings that the vice president has been doing for eleven days, when she began the vigil around her building, a man identified as Fernando Andres Sabag Montiel, 35, pointed to her head. The aggressor was first arrested by the authorities and transferred by the Federal Police to a dependency. The weapon was found meters from the place and will be examined.