Monday, December 6

The president of Asturias responds to homophobic comments on his Facebook: “I will always support the group”

At dawn this Monday, a homophobic assault on a young man took place in Pola de Siero (Asturias), shouting “fag shit.” When the facts were known, the Government of Asturias condemned them and attended a rally against LGTBIphobia to show its rejection.

Adrián Barbón, president of the community, later posted a message on his Facebook account accompanied by photos of the rally. “We cannot allow any type of aggression or threat to the freedom of people. Hate speech is responsible for hate crimes,” he wrote. “Asturias wants and must be a land free of LGTBIphobia. Each one of us must live his life with total freedom and not suffer attacks due to the fact that you like or love a person of the same sex. Faced with intolerance and that feed hatred, we must defend a free Asturias, which looks to the future and advances. In the face of any expression of homophobia, zero tolerance, there is no room for half sentences or justifications. Let us always defend Freedom, “he said.

Among the responses to the message there are several homophobic comments and Barbón has not missed the opportunity to position himself even more by responding with another comment that is being highly applauded on social networks. “I read homophobic comments and I am going to answer them all at the same time. Yes, Asturias has many problems. But that DOES NOT mean that we have to shut up or look the other way when a boy IS THANKED for being the way he is. Think of your brothers, children or grandchildren. Think what it is like to go out into the street with fear of being attacked because you like a person of the same sex, “he said.

“The LGTBI collective are people, of course they are. But they DO NOT attack you for being a person, they attack you because you are gay, lesbian or transsexual. They attack you for being who you are. It is like sexist violence, which attacks women because of it. fact of being it. Third, the President of the Principality – that is, I – will always be supporting the LGTBI collective. If someone does not like it, it is easy for him: to vote in the next elections for President to other candidates who do not defend equality between women and men, who in the pandemic would not want to protect our elders or who do not defend sexual diversity and the right of people to love one of your same sex. So, to those of you who are looking for excuses to criticize this concentration Let me make it clear to you: you are homophobes. You are. And I tell you more: in the model of society that I defend, you can be part of it. But in the model of society that you defend and want, exclude and you exclude most of us The Asturian people, “concluded the socialist.

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