Friday, January 21

The president of Coinbase believes that the crypto world will have one billion users in the coming years

At a Bloomberg Financial Innovation Summit webinar, Coinbase President Emilie Choi spoke about the upcoming scenario for crypto. At the same time, he issued comments regarding the uncertain regulatory framework that is slowing the advancement of cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, he was optimistic about the number of users who will be using cryptocurrencies in the years to come. This, yielding an estimate of close to one billion.

The influence of regulations

While he considers that the adoption of cryptocurrencies would continue at its usual pace, he clarifies that a functional legal environment is needed. The crypto field could succeed with a system regulatory that opens the doors to digital assets without so many obstacles.

He stressed the uncertainty that currently exists regarding US government regulations. The president of Coinbase envisions a landscape full of delays for the advancement of cryptocurrencies.

She hopes that the government will be friendly to the crypto world, considering the interest of more and more people in this sector. Based on this, regulations with “transparency and clarity” should be generated.

It has not shown rejection of the regulatory framework, on the contrary, it presents an optimistic stance.

He spoke about the legal environment in which the company is immersed. “We have more than 50 regulators in the United States alone, we can navigate that and we embrace it,” he said.

Community progress for years to come

From Choi’s perspective, the crypto world will continue its growth as more users participate in the digital asset markets. He estimates that there are currently around 200 million participants worldwide.

In addition to this, observe an encouraging scenario, keeping in mind the possibility that that amount will reach one billion. Such growth would occur sooner rather than later, over a period of roughly 5 years, according to the president of Coinbase.

After a signing hearing with the House Financial Services Committee, she was in tune with lawmakers. This, while some of them would be willing to learn more about cryptocurrencies.

However, the uncertain scenario remains in force, as the long-awaited regulatory framework has not yet arrived. Faced with this situation, the president of Coinbase stressed that although the company continues to operate in the United States, it would make its way elsewhere.