Tuesday, June 6

The president of Melilla, after the arrest of his adviser: “I will dismiss members of the government if their legal situation requires it”

The president of Melilla, Eduardo de Castro, has assured that he will dismiss members of his government “if their legal situation so requires” after the scandal of the macro purchase of votes by mail in the autonomous city, which has led to the arrest of one of his advisors this Tuesday.

The president of Melilla, after the scandal of the alleged fraud: “It is necessary to change the electoral law so that the vote is non-transferable”


National Police agents arrested ten people on Tuesday for the massive fraud attempt. Among the detainees are a son-in-law of Mustafá Aberchán, leader of the Coalition for Melilla, according to sources close to the device reported to elDiario.es, and number three on the lists and councilor for Districts, Youth and Citizen Participation in the Melilla government, Mohamed Ahmed Allal. All were released waiting for the judge to call them to testify.

Through a message on his official Twitter account, de Castro has shown himself “very concerned about the events of the last few hours” and has stressed that his duty is to “preserve the rule of law and the interests of Melilla.” “I will act accordingly”, he has highlighted in another tweet.

The regional president was the only deputy for Ciudadanos for the 2019 elections, and he took over the presidency of Melilla thanks to an agreement with the PSOE and the Coalition for Melilla. In 2021 he was expelled from the party led by Inés Arrimadas, alleging that he had not reported that he was accused of a case of alleged prevarication, although he maintains that he had no powers.

In an interview with elDiario.es, de Castro spoke about the alleged fraud scandal and insisted on the need to change the electoral law “so that the vote is non-transferable.”


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