Wednesday, May 25

The President of the Cortes launches the procedure to invest Mañueco before Easter

The investiture process for Alfonso Fernández Mañueco is already underway. Following the proposal made by the president of the Cortes de Castilla y León, Carlos Pollán Fernández, he has summoned the Table of the Cortes and the Board of Spokespersons next Thursday, April 7, to meet and process the proposal. Next, the plenary session will be convened in which the investiture of the candidate will be debated and voted on. The debate will be held this Monday, according to the PP attorney, Raúl de la Hoz, who has actively participated in the negotiations with Vox.

The scheduled agenda for the Board of Spokespersons is, after the Presidency’s report, to deal with the economic allocations of the parliamentarians, the allocation of seats for each parliamentary group, the election of the members of the Mixed Transfer Commission, the programming of activities of the Chamber, the setting of the Agenda for the next Plenary Session and the ordering of debates and votes.