Saturday, May 28

The President of the European Council, before Zelensky: “We will do everything possible so that Ukraine wins the war”

“Support for Ukraine and sanctions are the two things we need to win the war,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “We will do everything possible so that Ukraine wins this war,” said the president of the European Council, Charles Michel. The two have appeared before the press in kyiv, where Michel has traveled, after visiting the town of Borodianka, devastated by the Russian invasion.

Zelensky has insisted before Michel on the tightening of sanctions against Russia, in particular the total energy embargo, as well as the swift disconnection of all Russian banks and, of course, on the request for more weapons and more in line with their needs: “There are things that are not yet in the sanctions, and that have to be developed so that the financing of the war stops. That is why we call for a complete energy embargo, with oil and gas, in the sixth package of European sanctions. All banks must be disconnected from swift, all accounts of the Russian state must be blocked and the money must be allocated to the reconstruction of Ukraine. Everyone must feel the consequences of the sanctions.” And he added: “It is important that we have modern weapons. The partners have made a significant contribution, and we have agreed to use this money for weapons that we need, priority. We need the weapons in time.”

In this sense, Zelensky has hinted that he will begin to receive planes, which the head of diplomacy, Josep Borrell, announced at the beginning of the war, but which did not arrive from Poland for fear of Russian reprisals: “I cannot say how many planes will come, I cannot give the details of what we have achieved”.

The Ukrainian president has also explained that they are “waiting” for a response from Brussels on the process of accession to the EU: “We have answered almost everything, we have passed the answers, we are waiting for the support of the Member States”. In this sense, Michel has assumed that the opinion of the European Commission may be ready by the end of June, coinciding with a European summit and another of NATO, although kyiv has not yet finished the paperwork: “It is a legal process and political. With Ukraine it has started immediately, since the Versailles summit, and the political debate is a key element: the European Commission has to publish its opinion at the end of June and then it will be put on the Council’s agenda [los Gobiernos]where there are different opinions and sensitivities”.