Saturday, April 1

The president of the nuclear regulator resigns and the PP adviser assumes the position provisionally

The president of the Nuclear Safety Council (SN), Josep María Serena i Sender, has submitted his resignation, according to Vozpópuli and sources from the organization confirm to

Now the Government will have to propose the person to cover the vacancy of the until now head of the CSN. But the process will not be immediate. In the meantime, the presidency will be held by the director with the most years in office, as stipulated in the CSN Statute. That person is the counselor Javier Dies, who is the only representative in the plenary session of the body appointed at the request of the PP.

Sender was appointed in March 2019 and his departure has come to light this Thursday, with the energy markets revolutionized by the war in Ukraine. The reasons are strictly “personal and family”, CSN sources have pointed out to EFE.

However, other internal sources explain to that in the departure of the president of the CSN, whose legal mandate is six years, there has also been a certain “discomfort” in Serena with the attitude of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition, responsible for her appointment in 2018, due to the delay with certain decisions.

According to these sources, Serena was in favor of taking over in key areas such as the general secretary, a position held since 2017 by Manuel Rodríguez Martí, appointed by the PP government.

The ministry has also been pending for months to decide on the appointment of a new person in charge of the technical direction of Radiological Protection. This position has been vacant since the departure of María Fernández Sánchez, who stepped down from that position last November.

The CSN is the institution in charge of ensuring nuclear safety in Spain, as well as the radiological protection of people and the environment. It has legal personality and its own assets and is independent from the General State Administration.