Thursday, July 29

The president of the Senate, Pilar Llop, will be the new Minister of Justice

The current president of the Senate, Pilar Llop, will be the new Minister of Justice, according to government sources to An expert judge in gender violence, Llop will replace Juan Carlos Campo at the head of the portfolio, who became part of the Government in January 2021 after the second inauguration of Pedro Sánchez.

Llop will have to abandon the presidency of the Senate, a position in which it should have been ratified since she is a senator by autonomous designation. That seat is now vacant and the Upper House will have to elect a new president. The replacement of Campo comes just after the pardons to the independence leaders. The department has several important projects in line, such as the reform of the Penal Code in which, among other things, the Government intends to reform the crimes of sedition and rebellion.

Llop has been a judge for two decades and made the leap to politics in 2015, when she appeared on the PSOE lists at the Madrid Assembly. From there it went to the Government Delegation for Gender Violence in the summer of 2018, after the motion of censure that raised Pedro Sánchez. She was in that position until April of this year, when Ángel Gabilondo chose her as his number two for the regional elections in Madrid and was even part of the pools for the Madrid elections.

In the elections of May 4, Llop occupied the third position after Moncloa chose Hana Jalloul for the second position. Llop will now definitively leave the Madrid Assembly.

Llop has worked in advising on legal reforms related to gender violence in Latin America and from 2011 to 2015 she was a lawyer in the Technical Office of the General Council of the Judiciary, with responsibilities as the head of the Domestic and Gender Violence Observatory Section, Secretary of the Equality Commission, Secretary of the Justice and Disability Forum, and Secretary of the Steering Committee of the General Council of the Judiciary.

Now he joins the coalition government in the remodeling that Pedro Sánchez has carried out this Saturday with the intention of giving a boost to government action for the second part of the legislature.

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