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The price of being a leftist leader

Few people are more prepared and with a more conciliatory and skillful character for the agreement than Vice President Yolanda Díaz. The achievements obtained – some taken with forceps – guarantee their worth. But they already use her as a target because she is on the left, she fights for social rights, and that is something that the burricie fatherland does not admit. The arguments – to call them somehow – that are usually wielded are of a childishness that blushes, an ignorance that scares. It is serious because we are not talking about ideological divisions to use, it is something much more profound and hybrid and with a wide impact on society.

We have two major pitfalls in Spain to be the country we should be: the right is not like the German for example, it tends to be corrupt and undemocratic. It does not radically reject fascism like that. The exceptions are being buried by the elites of the PP and the cutting that was broken off in Vox. That kind of framework – conservative, corrupt and even with gangster overtones – infiltrated in strategic sectors and the institutions themselves is capable of tackling personal destruction as has happened with Pablo Iglesias in particular. They are difficult problems, difficult to solve when you lack the will to face them. We must insist on the complaint because the scenario in Spain does not change if not to worsen.

Every day more involution, every day more impunity. With a justice that makes fascist racism legitimate and the hunt for underage and helpless emigrants, based on lies and for the sake of a “legitimate ideological struggle,” ratify the Madrid Court regarding the Vox cartel. With media that do politics without any dissimulation. With a PP (and surrounding areas) that climbs the highest levels of lies and fraud in their interventions always in search of profit. With its president who attends, as a moderator who does not moderate, a proclamation by former UCD minister Ignacio Camuñas justifying Franco’s coup: “In 1936 there was no coup. The Republic was responsible for the Civil WarAnd with the inaction of all the victims, even of the political rivals who do not seem to know or want to face the ultra invasion that we have above.

The dictatorship did a brainwashing that still persists and we move towards a society of ignorant. Two great historians said it in La Vanguardia this July 18: Paul Preston and Ángel Viñas. This is how this pastiche has been shaped. With the rule of that implicit inheritance.

It can be assured that the supporters of the Spanish right have a cosmic-sized slot machine when they do not flinch when they see, for example, that “The former minister of Aznar who passes sentence in the Court of Accounts for the ‘procés’ exonerated Bottle and Maroto“From there to the massacre of the nursing homes in Ayuso. And to his permanent provide public money to private health while dismantling the public. And everything fits, all of them, as if it were the most normal thing. Some looking the other way, the voters, and others covering it up roughly because it does not matter.

It is difficult to assimilate from decency what they have done with Pablo Iglesias, or Irene Montero, and they want to continue doing with Yolanda Díaz or Ione Belarra and that will become more acute when the electoral candidacy is defined. Even what they did with Pedro Sánchez, too progressive for the Chinese vases with a stale leather backpack of the PSOE. By autonomous communities, by Catalonia in particular, things are going fine too. Except Madrid. Because, meanwhile, the altars arranged for Isabel Díaz-Ayuso are contemplated, walking like her mentor Aguirre, pristine on a stinking garbage. The difference in treatment is abysmal; the applied proportion, inverse. And this is far from what work in politics should be.

It is difficult to feel part of a society unable to discern, apparently, that this is not even ideology but a pure and simple business. Dirty as much as possible. In which the lives of people enter into the sale.

The countless fictitious cases against Pablo Iglesias that have come to nothing, aired by journalists without morals or professionalism. The destruction of the person, objectified, like the Nazis, undertaken by political and journalistic rivals. The crude montage of the nonexistent nanny. Having to change schools to the children before the daily harassment of the home of unscrupulous for months. They inoculated a fierce hatred in prone beings. Inhuman.

David Jiménez, a journalist who was director of a newspaper and gained money and prestige by recounting how denigrating journalism was exercised under his direction, wrote about Iglesias without the company even ordering him to do so, and when Iñigo Errejón broke away in that way, a Noteworthy text because it does not appear in the excesses of the cavern but in the most approved journalism today and it serves to see the mood that dominated and dominates:

After executing Nikolai Yezhov, head of his secret police, Stalin ordered that he be removed from the photographs in which they appeared together. Mao did the same with Bo Gu, with whom he had shared the Long March and who disappeared from an old image in which they were seen posing smiling. Kim Jong-un learned from his father that there is nothing like a firing squad to gain power: he executed his uncle Jang Song-thaek and then removed him from the family album. The slogan in communist regimes, when it comes to purging the wayward comrade, is that nothing is left of him. Not his memory. Displeasing the leader has less dramatic consequences around here: the loss of a position in the party or of the chair in the social gathering on TV, which for the dolphins of the new politics is almost more painful. But it will never be so much like waking up from the dream of an assembly and participatory utopia, where all voices are heard and internal democracy replaces the partitocracy of the compadreo”.

Paradoxical right? Now that Pablo Iglesias has had enough and has left, it is time to reconsider what this society has consented to. With the skidding of those who believed that for Iglesias –as for all of them- the only important thing was the chair.

Yolanda Díaz has already been called in the press “the Labor filly”, a woman of those who write wrapped in bile. And they have been amazed that she was well dressed. The last has been criticize as ignorant cum laude his use of the word Matria, which, as Ignasi Guardans erudically describes, has been used since Plutarch and more here. They have even signed up for fright by the Hollow Matria from apparently progressive positions taking advantage to blame her for what the entire coalition government does not do. Díaz, who reads Schopenhauer and listens to Shostakovich, with total simplicity, is despised by people who overwhelm us with their proud ignorance.

Of the four biblical plagues practically only remains as an irrefutable end, death. Still, at least. The war can be stopped. With means, the disease fought. For hunger, 1% of the public money, ours, which was given to the banks for their rescue in the previous crisis, would suffice. Sand said already a decade ago. That program for the common good is not carried out because they do not want to. And there are people so reckless as to support them at the cost of their own failure and to attack those who attempt such achievements. Not easy at all. We do not stop reading the resistance that the coalition government opposes to measures such as the increase in the Minimum Wage or the repeal of the Labor Reform. Big mistake, because lukewarmness has never worked against brutal ultras attacks like the one we live in. Containment does not appease the beast at all, it stimulates it.

There is an underground state in Spain that pulls the strings and launches its missiles to destroy the leaders who stand out on the left. Some adjust and travel through that land of mistakes and camouflages in which they want to appear what they are not, helping to keep everything the same that it is getting worse and worse. What is happening in Spain today cannot be considered a full democracy. It could be, but now it isn’t.

When abuse, impunity, and ignorance are confirmed over and over again, one might think that there is no remedy now. And there is not if it is not applied with the courage it takes. But I do tell you that it takes a lot of dedication to service to jump into the arena to fight for everyone when not everyone defends them.

There are too many culprits of this involution. As graphically we see in the inaction in the face of physical aggressions in the subway and even in lynchings. This is not the way. If they want democracy, rights and freedoms, justice, they will have to support clearly, not without fair criticism, those who leave their skin because this society has them. Do you think that volunteers, heroes or unconscious will continue to come out, to be arbitrarily crushed? The price may end up being unaffordable.

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