Friday, December 3

The price of several cuts of meat already exceeds $ 1000 per kilo

After four months without fluctuations and even with some slight cuts, prices in the wholesale market woke up and the risk is the possibility that people end up paying prices even more expensive than the current ones.

“There was a jump in prices in recent days because everything that wholesalers could not raise during the price freeze they are applying now,” denounced a butcher from the Mataderos area.

In this context, the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, held a meeting on Thursday with his Productive Development counterparts, Matías Kulfas; of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing, Julián Domínguez; and with the Secretary of Internal Trade, Roberto Feletti, in which the dynamics of meat prices were analyzed and worked on, according to the Palacio de Hacienda.

According to the official part, “the meeting that was held at the headquarters of the economic portfolio, had the objective of reinforcing the joint management work of the different areas of Government to guarantee the stability of the price of meat and avoid surprises that affect to consumers in the last part of the year “.

Between last July and October, the price of the farm did not vary and even some drops were detected, a phenomenon that was noticed in the INDEC statistics and also by the Institute for the Promotion of Beef (IPCVA).

After increases of over 75% in beef counter prices in 2020, the first half of 2021 began with new increases that totaled another 35% increase. Faced with this situation, the National Government took a series of measures (also discriminated in that section) to put a brake on the generalized increases in the value chain.

The effect of these policies was seen immediately: not only was the upward dynamics cut from one month to the next, but prices fell back accumulating a fall of 3% in the last 4 months.

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