Wednesday, October 27

The price of the burqa multiplies in Afghanistan after the arrival of the Taliban



The burqas price it has doubled and in some cases even increased fivefold in Afghanistan after the return of the Taliban. Although they try to reassure the world with a relatively subdued image on their return to power, women have decided to return to the veil to follow Islamic law and thus protect themselves. The increase in its price, therefore, could be due to an increase in the demand for women seeking not to contradict the doctrine of the new rulers. However, its obligation has not yet been imposed.

The flight of President Ashraf Ghani last Sunday and the withdrawal of the Afghan Army marks the beginning of a new regime in which, according to the spokesman for the fundamentalist movement, Zabihullah Mujahid, the rights of women will be respected but «within the framework of the ‘sharia’‘, The Islamic law under which the newly installed emirate will be governed. “They are going to work shoulder to shoulder with us,” announced Mujahid, who wanted to give assurances to the international community that under his regime “there will be no discrimination.”

Even so, many fear that measures will be imposed again that directly violate their rights and attack their integrity, as they did between 1996 and 2001. The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) collects in 29 points the prohibitions, punishments and restrictions that women would suffer, among which it is found that women have forbidden to leave the house if they are not accompanied by their ‘mahram‘–Man of close kinship, such as father, brother or husband–, that the female work is strictly prohibited outside the home, except female doctors and nurses to care for women, and that womenor they can show any part of their body in publicTherefore, they are obliged to wear a long veil that even covers their faces (burqa).

Just one day after the taking of Kabul, the change of power has already begun to be reflected in women. This is the case of CNN correspondent Clarissa Wardras, who She went from wearing colored clothes to wearing an Islamic veil that only allowed her face to be seen. However, the journalist later clarified that she has always worn a scarf in the city, but “not with her hair completely covered.”

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