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The price per square meter fell 4.4% since March in the City of Buenos Aires

The Real Estate Survey of Latin America (RIAL) also showed that Buenos Aires is the third most expensive city in Latin America, with a value of US $ 2,600 per square meter, behind Santiago de Chile (US $ 3,441) and Montevideo (US $ 2,923).

They are followed by Buenos Aires, Mexico City with a value of US $ 2,420, Rio de Janeiro US $ 2,237 and Lima US $ 1,896, while the cheapest Latin American capitals are Bogotá US $ 1,239 and Quito US $ 1,225.

The average price in capitals is US $ 2,141 and fell 2.4% in the analyzed period.

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Ignacio Petunchi

Juan José Cruces, researcher at the Center for Research in Finance and rector of the UTDT, explained that “property prices in CABA have decreased 4.4% in dollars and 5.5% in inflation-adjusted pesos since March.”

The study also included the cities of Rosario and Córdoba, where a square meter stands at US $ 1,544 and US $ 1,311 respectively.

Cruces pointed out that “in the simple average of Buenos Aires, Rosario and Córdoba, prices fall 4.7% in dollars and 5.7% in pesos adjusted for inflation.”

According to this survey that is carried out in March and September of each year, Buenos Aires was second after Santiago de Chile until March 2020, and in September of that year it went to third place, surpassed by Montevideo.

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