Friday, December 3

The profitability of independent management companies triples that of large corporations

The size of the management companies is not important in terms of profitability if one takes into account that, in October, the independent managers offering their clients returns in investment funds much higher than those of their older sisters.

Thus, it was the independent manager Brightgate Capital the one that achieved the highest profitability, 6.90 percent, while Mapfre A. M. It was, among the main management companies, the one that obtained the highest returns, 1.93 percent, three times less.

Something similar happened with the second and third place in the ranking of both categories. Patrivalor was the second independent manager in profitability with 6.48 percent, followed by Muza Asset Management, with 5.62 percent.

While in the category of large, BBVA A. M. ranked second with returns of 1.74 percent, followed by Saint Lucia AM with 1.70 percent.

Fund raising close to 2,000 million

All of this happened in October, the month in which investors increased their commitment to funds by making the catchments net of these products will reach 1,961 million euros, according to sources Vdos.

This increase, together with the positive performance of the portfolios amounting to 3,487 million, has led the funds to register an equity increase of 5,449 million euros, which placed the Total equity managed in mutual funds at the end of October at 322,645 million.

Banks were the ones that concentrated the most net deposits with 1,649 million euros and maintain their dominant position due to managed assets with a total of 241,146 million and a market share of 74.74 percent.

They are followed by international and independent groups with 9.02 and 8.97 percent respectively.

Caixabank, leader in deposits and equity

The largest deposits were achieved Caixabank with 612 million, followed by BBVA and Kutxabank with 253 and 207 million respectively. While Bestinver suffered reimbursements amounting to 42 million.

Caixabank also maintains the leadership by managed assets with 80,767 million and a market share of 25.03 percent, followed by Santander with 50,513 million and a share of 15.66 percent and BBVA with 13.55 percent.

Flexible mixed, the preferred

The flexible mixed category was the favorite among investors and reached net deposits of 683 million euros, followed by the global conservative mixed with 655 million.

On the other hand, the euro long-term fixed income category was placed, with net repayments of 339 million.

Global international high yield fixed income was the most profitable of the month with 15.96 percent, followed by the energy sector with 7.85 percent.

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