Wednesday, December 8

The promised reform of the Rambla in Barcelona is 2,000 days late

Coinciding with the 2,000 days delay in the reform of La Rambla in Barcelona, ​​the opposition en bloc demanded on Tuesday the City Council to make public the schedule of works to reform the famous promenade and provide the budget project so that the reform can begin now 2022.

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This is reflected in a proposal presented by ERC in the Town Planning Commission and that had the support of the rest of the groups, also both from the government. JxCat also presented a request in a similar line, coinciding with the 2,000 days delay of the reform that marks the meter installed in the walk by the Amics de la Rambla association. The opposition has reproached the City Council for this delay and recalled that the project to transform the Rambla has a broad political and social consensus.

The different groups agreed to highlight that this is an “unjustifiable” delay and criticized that the reform of this urban icon of the city is not a priority for the municipal government.

The Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning, Janet Sanz, justified that ‘the tempos’ are the necessary ones, since the proposal to transform the Rambla has had its “technical complexities”. According to Sanz, they are about to approve the project and if there is an agreement and budget, the works will be able to start in 2022. “If the project is approved before the end of the year we can incorporate it into the budgets,” he said, urging the opposition, and especially ERC, to support the 2022 accounts.

For his part, the mayor Jordi Coronas (ERC) responded to Sanz that in 2020 there was already a game reserved for the reform of the Rambla and accused it of “trilerismo”. Coronas added that if the municipal government had the intention of incorporating an item in the 2022 budget “it would already be there” and has reproached him for thinking that it can be negotiated as if it were a trading card exchange.

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