Sunday, May 22

The prosecution opens an investigation against the superblock in Barcelona’s Eixample

The public prosecutor’s office has opened investigation proceedings against the Barcelona Eixample superblock project for a possible crime against land use planning. The project foresees works in Consell de Cent, Borrell, Rocafort, Enric Granados and Girona streets, which are expected to be transformed into green axes from June.

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According to the complaint, filed by the platform Hail Barcelona, The project has started without making the necessary modification of the General Metropolitan Plan (PGM) and they understand that the reforms are of great importance, with very important effects on mobility, commerce and residential activity in the metropolitan area.

Janet Sanz, deputy mayor for urban planning, assured when the complaint was made known, that the platform Save Barcelona acted with a “clear political will” with the intention of “paralyzing the transformation of Barcelona” but maintained the schedule of performance of the work.

The complainants, led by the lawyer and economist Jacint Soler and the economist Francesc Granell, consider that the modification of the street’s road structure is an “arbitrary action by the administration” that will affect the residents of the Eixample, the city and the rest of the Metropolitan area.

According to this platform, the project has “ideological intention”, violates the “general interest” and skips the “normative hierarchy”. Soler believes that if a reform of this magnitude is to be carried out, the PGM would have to be modified so as not to “disturb the balance” of the metropolitan area.