Monday, October 3

The prosecutor asks a tweeter for two years in prison for spreading racist ‘fake news’

Second accusation by the Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office against a tweeter for spreading ‘fake news’ to spread racism and xenophobia. The Public Ministry requests two years in prison for a user who spread false images and news through various social networks with the aim of generating “rejection, phobia and social hostility” against migrants and, specifically, towards minors under guardianship.

It is about a man who spread eleven messages in the form of videos, photographs, vignettes and which he accompanied with texts through the account @CastigadorBruce. A video stands out in which the user denounced an attack by a foreign minor under guardianship in Canet de Mar (Barcelona), when in fact it was a recording from China. The fake video was viewed up to 21,900 times.

In his letter, the delegate prosecutor against hate crimes in Barcelona, ​​Miguel Ángel Aguilar, highlights that the user published several messages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram against the immigrant community and, more specifically, against minors. The Prosecutor’s Office considers that the user is the author of a crime of injury to the dignity of people for discriminatory reasons and also asks for a fine of 6,570 euros.

The Prosecutor’s Office attached in its writing images taken from the defendant’s social networks, comparing the pension of a widowed person with the pay that immigrants receive, insults towards minors, drawings and messages talking about “Moors” in a derogatory tone and in reference to the Moroccan collective, and even an image of Hitler as “the solution” to the “ore problem”, along with other xenophobic messages. One of them is illustrated with a Celtic cross, a symbol commonly used by groups and individuals with far-right, national socialist and supremacist ideas.

For all this, the prosecutor asks for a two-year prison sentence, with a special disqualification for the right to passive suffrage during the sentence. In addition, it requests a special disqualification for an educational profession or trades, in the educational, sports or leisure fields for five years once the imposed prison sentence has ended.