Saturday, September 30

The prosecutor disfigures the former convergent Madí his “lack of credibility” and asks him for two years in prison for tax fraud

Seen for sentencing the trial for tax fraud derived from the 3% plot that affects Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya (CDC) and the production company Triacom. The prosecutor for economic crimes Pedro Castro has maintained the two years in prison against the former convergent David Madí and two other defendants in the case, while he has reduced the sentences of the two defendants who confessed to the plot, the former administrator of Triacom, Oriol Carbó, and businessman Juan Manuel Parra.

The production company Triacom inflated more than 50% the price of the programs that it invoiced to TV3

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Before the criminal court 23 of Barcelona, ​​the trial has been held against an alleged plot of false invoices linked to the former manager of TV3 and Triacom Oriol Carbó, who is also investigated in the 3% case, and six other businessmen, including Madí, accused of issuing false invoices for fictitious works for the production company.

Having admitted the facts Carbó, the main accused, Madí and the rest of the businessmen have seen their defense complicated, but they have reaffirmed their demand for acquittal by denying that the jobs for which they billed Triacom were false. The prosecutor has reduced the sentence requested of Carbó to 8 months in prison.

Only the businessman Juan Manuel Parra, who was sentenced to 8 months in prison for paying commissions to the CDC through the Palau de la Música, has admitted the fraud. In the trial, he explained that the party “forced” him to issue false invoices to Triacom, a TV3 production company, if he wanted to charge for the services he provided for his 2020 electoral campaigns in the Parliamentary elections: “Either you take it or leave it, I was told”. The penalty claimed for Parra is one year in prison.

The case was referred at the time by the judge to the National High Court to be part of the 3% case on alleged payment of commissions to CDC –in a decision that was later revoked by the Barcelona High Court–, understanding that those same false invoices they served to irregularly finance the extinct formation.

In his final report, the prosecutor Pedro Castro, whom Madí reproached on Wednesday during the interrogation for having little knowledge of the business world, has disgraced the former convergent for his “forcefulness in incoherence” as well as his “lack of credibility” when denying fraud, while considering “an act of faith” the exculpatory thesis of the former hand of Artur Mas.

The prosecutor has stressed that the invoices that the Madí companies sent to Triacom for consulting and communication services were not actually produced, but only served so that the audiovisual firm, producer of the TV3 programs “El Gran Dictat” and “Fish and Chips”, could increase your deductible expenses and thus reduce the payment of VAT and corporate income tax in 2011.

As revealed by, the investigation by the National High Court has revealed that Triacom inflated the price of the two programs that it invoiced to TV3 by more than 50%, and lacking structure and employees automatically derived all the production phases of the spaces to the multinational Mediapro, a mechanism to “provide coverage for what was simply a spurious act”, in the words of the prosecutor.

Triacom then paid 420,000 euros to David Madí. Oriol Carbó paid for all the expenses of the former convergent leader’s private office, including furniture, telephone, electricity, coffee or pens. Madí’s defense maintains that all the invoices that his companies issued to Triacom correspond to services actually provided and perfectly accredited.