Tuesday, September 28

The Prosecutor’s Office also rejects that the divided councilors of Más Madrid have a mixed group

The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid this Tuesday temporarily paralyzed the creation of the mixed group made up of the four councilors close to Manuela Carmena split from Más Madrid. The formation that Rita Maestre leads in the capital requested very precautionary measures after the decision of the Government of the PP and Citizens of José Luis Martínez-Almeida to grant the mixed group and these were accepted by the justice. But in addition to this judicial process, the councilors of Recupera Madrid started another months ago that now also turns against them after the Public Prosecutor’s Office has pronounced on an appeal presented by the four councilors that its destination should be the group of those not attached, as requested by Más Madrid.

Marta Higueras, Luis Cueto, José Manuel Calvo and Felipe Llamas appealed the decision of the Madrid City Council to suspend the formation of the mixed group on April 8 after an appeal from Maestre, spokesman for Más Madrid in the local corporation. The response of the Prosecutor’s Office to that appeal now comes in the form of bad news for the councilors of Recupera Madrid, as elDiario.es has been able to verify that it has had access to the report of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The Prosecutor’s Office endorses the arguments of the Legal Advisory Commission of the Government of the Community of Madrid, whose opinion was requested in May by the president of the municipal plenary session, Borja Fanjul, to defend that the mixed group does not fit in this case. The body is clear when determining that they can only constitute a mixed group, “those councilors who had attended the elections in formations that had not reached the minimum of two seats to form their own group. In this case there are four councilors and they attended in the More Madrid party, although now they have decided to abandon it and keep the minutes.

The councilors of Recupera Madrid had argued that Más Madrid was an electoral coalition, a loophole left by the law so that members of the coalitions could form a mixed group. In this case, however, they consider that the formation led by Manuela Carmena in 2019 concurred as a party and not as an electoral coalition.

It was the Electoral Board itself that corroborated that Mas Madrid presented itself as a political party to the elections, assuring that it did so “without forming a coalition with any other party or formation”, thus dismantling the thesis that was also accepted by Secretary of the Plenary of the City Council .

The councilors were to form a mixed group in an extraordinary plenary session this Friday, which justice has paralyzed by accepting the very cautious of Más Madrid, considering that there are “circumstances of special urgency.” With this, the court refers to the celebration on Friday, September 3, of an extraordinary plenary session proposed to restructure the municipal commissions and accommodate the mixed group, which would thus acquire the authorization to participate in the debates and votes that are held in them.

Recupera Madrid accuses his ex-companions of acting “like the dog in the manger, who neither eats nor lets eat”, in his attempt to prosecute the situation so that they become non-affiliated, which would mean running out of financial resources and hardly any visibility. “They are not trying to defend their rights but to violate ours,” said Marta Higueras when the controversy broke out.


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