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The Prosecutor’s Office appeals the decision of the judge of ‘Kitchen’ to close the investigation into the espionage of Bárcenas

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has filed an appeal on Monday against the decision of the National Court judge Manuel García-Castellón to end the investigation into the para-police espionage that would have been carried out between 2013 and 2015 by the Ministry of the Interior against the ex-treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas, according to the sources consulted by Europa Press.

Fernández Díaz points to the PP leadership in the espionage of Bárcenas and asks that the investigation not be closed

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Anticorruption had already advocated in previous writings for extending the investigation of ‘Operation Kitchen’ beyond July 29, when it expired, at the same time that he had asked García-Castellón to carry out new investigations, although the head of the Central Court Instruction Number 6 chose to end instruction.

Among the proceedings raised by the Prosecutor’s Office and rejected by the judge, it is worthwhile to find out if the telephone number that the retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo attributed to the former president of the Government Mariano Rajoy and with which he says that ‘Kitchen’ was messaged belonged to someone at that time of the PP and, where appropriate, to whom; and to summon the then general director of the National Police, Ignació Cosidó, to testify as the accused.

In total, eleven people have been processed, starting with former Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz and his former Secretary of State Francisco Martínez; and continuing with the former head of the Deputy Operational Directorate (DAO) Eugenio Pino, commissioners Villarejo, José Luis Olivera, Marcelino Martín Blas, Enrique García Castaño and Andrés Gómez Gordo; to end with the police officers Bonifacio Díez and José Ángel Fuentes Gago, and the ex-driver of the Bárcenas family Sergio Ríos.

The judge has considered it to be proven, at the indiciario level, that all of them, “put in common agreement and with knowledge of the illegality of the acts they were carrying out”, set up the ‘Kitchen’, which would constitute criminal offenses. discovery and disclosure of secrets, prevarication, omission of the duty to prosecute crimes, bribery, influence peddling and embezzlement.

In addition, it assumes that the ‘Kitchen’ achieved its objectives, which was to steal sensitive information from Bárcenas that it might have about the PP and its leaders to prevent it from reaching the hands of Justice.

Resources from Fernández Díaz and Francisco Martínez

That of the Prosecutor’s Office has not been the only recourse against the closure of the investigation. Fernández Díaz and his former number two Francisco Martínez have presented, although for different reasons, two letters in which they ask that the investigations be reopened.

The former Minister of the Interior denies the relationship of the plot with the Ministry that he directed at that time and accuses the PP of Rajoy. “It is clear that the origin of the Kitchen operation was neither related nor affected by the Ministry of the Interior. And it is obvious that Mr. Bárcenas was the Treasurer of the Popular Party, not of the Ministry of the Interior and did not depend on or was linked to said Ministry” , collects the letter of his lawyer, Jesús Mandri Zárate, presented last week.

For his part, Martínez considers that the judge in the case has evidenced a double standard when resorting to the journal of Commissioner Villarejo to dictate his prosecution while he has disregarded its content when it came to exonerating María Dolores de Cospedal, former secretary General of the PP, among others.

Martínez’s defense adds that, in any case, he “completely agrees” with the decision to lift the accusation against Cospedal and his entourage. It contrasts with the one presented by Fernández Díaz in which Martínez’s immediate superior argues, through his defense: “It is clear that the origin of the Kitchen operation was neither related to nor affected the Ministry of the Interior. And it is obvious that Mr. Bárcenas was the Treasurer of the Popular Party, not the Ministry of the Interior. ”

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