Saturday, May 21

The Prosecutor’s Office asks a councilor from L’Hospitalet for four years in prison for defrauding the Consell Esportiu

The first piece of the Consell Esportiu de L’Hospitalet case already has an indictment. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor asks for four and a half years in prison for the deputy mayor and councilor of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, also the local leader of the PSC Cristian Alcázar, for defrauding the sports entity by falsifying the dismissal of Cris Plaza, who resigned as councilor socialist after the outbreak of the case.

The judge investigates a loan from the Consell Esportiu de L’Hospitalet while waiting for Núria Marín’s mobile

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The indictment of the Prosecutor’s Office is the story of the use of a private non-profit entity by socialist positions in L’Hospitalet. According to the prosecutor, Alcázar and Plaza “concerted their wills” with the aim that the latter “obtained an undue economic benefit” with the excuse of ending the employment relationship that linked him with the Consell, where he was administrative technical director.

The plan was as simple as it was lucrative, according to the prosecutor. Alcázar, exposes the indictment, communicated at the end of 2016 the dismissal to Plaza based on a decrease in the Consell’s income that did not actually occur, since that year the entity obtained a positive closing of 598 euros and also did not have profit motive. The objective was none other than that Plaza could collect from the Consell when it was not his turn, the prosecutor points out, since in reality “there were no economic or production reasons that justified the dismissal.”

The Consell agreed with Plaza a compensation for dismissal amounting to 47,147.62 euros, which was paid seven months later and was authorized by Alcázar. Both the dismissal agreement and the payment of compensation were made “behind the back” of the City Council – which, together with the Generalitat, nourishes the Consell with subsidies – and of the governing bodies and the assembly of the sports entity itself. The objective of this opacity, maintains the prosecutor, was that both defendants wanted to “deprive the organizations of the information with the intention of maintaining a normal situation.”

The departure from Plaza del Consell, in fact, was only temporary. Two years later she would return to the Consell as a member of the entity despite exposing in a letter to her friends in 2016 that she put “full stop to her link with sport” and holding four farewell acts from the Consell. Both circumstances “compare badly with a dismissal situation”, observes the prosecutor. In 2019, “as a culmination”, Plaza was appointed president of the Consell.

The prosecutor asks for four and a half years in prison for Alcázar and Plaza, whom he accuses of a crime of fraud –or, alternatively, misappropriation– and another against Social Security. Anti-corruption claims that both defendants jointly compensate the Consell with the 47,147.62 euros that the entity paid to Plaza for severance pay that turned out to be fraudulent. In addition, the prosecutor asks that Plaza return the 6,486.96 euros that he has improperly collected from his unemployment benefit.

Both Alcázar and Plaza also remain under investigation in the main piece of the Consell Esportiu case, which investigates the alleged diversion of funds from the entity for the personal expenses of socialist leaders, as well as the alleged attempt by the mayor, Núria Marín, to cover them up. This same Thursday Marín, who has requested the file of the case, has been convinced that she will not go to trial. Her party mates can no longer say the same.