Monday, December 5

The Prosecutor’s Office asks for 9 years in prison for Rafael Amargo for drug trafficking

The Prosecutor’s Office has requested a 9-year prison sentence for the dancer Rafael Amargo for selling drugs at his home. The Public Ministry understands that it has been proven that Amargo and two other people sold drugs “persistently” at home or even sending the substances to the client’s home. The accusation attributes a crime against public health to him.

The judge closes the case of Rafael Amargo and concludes that he was the leader of a group of traffickers

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Jesús Rafael García Hernández was arrested a year ago at his home in Madrid and accused of a crime of criminal organization and another of drug trafficking. Investigators searched two homes and both the dancer and the other two arrested were released. In its abbreviated procedure order, the court that instructed the case concluded that Amargo led a group of drug traffickers, especially methamphetamine, from his home and using “mules” to deliver the drug to the client’s home.

The indictment explains that Amargo and his partner “had been dedicating themselves in a concerted and persistent manner to the distribution of narcotic substances, among other methamphetamine, to third parties in exchange for money” and asks for another 9 years in prison for him. For a third defendant, the public prosecution asks for 6 years in prison.

The Prosecutor’s Office explains that, for example, in April 2020 one of the accused was arrested by the Police when he was about to deliver 0.9 grams of methamphetamine in exchange for 50 euros. The substance, according to the investigators, had been collected at the home of Rafael Amargo himself. Surveillance devices verified that the dancer’s house was, according to the indictment, a point of sale. Two people, for example, were arrested when they rushed out with drugs that they had bought at home.

In the searches carried out in December 2020, the researchers found 3 cans with poppers and phenylethylamine at the artist’s home. In the case of another defendant, the agents took methamphetamine, ketamine and MDMA among other drugs.